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Julie Grassley

I wrote my first story in fourth grade. Part of involved a kid staying in a cupcake hotel where everything was made of cupcakes except for the bathroom. I loved reading so much that my mom had to hide my books from me until I finished my chores.

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OurEcho Classics

"Ode to OurEcho.com" by Lisa Godin

OurEcho.com is a site to behold
with writings' galore
and new writers to mold

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  • How Are Your Tracks?
    Nancy I like to think my writing is the tracks I leave. People will be able to follow my tracks forever. All who read yours will too. We're writing our tracks. Maybe that's a story for one of us to add tracks to. Mike

  • Interview with a Shesh-Amazoni
    Circumstances have kept me away from Ourecho for some time. I have missed your stories of the Amazoni and their beautiful warrior leader. It is good to once again read of her. Fred

  • Let Your Verbs Paint A Mental Picture
    So many writers could improve their stories if they paid attention to these little things. You do and it shows in your fine work. Nancy

  • Salvatore Taranto, the Hero of Cefalu'
    A great story John! It rolls along, lickety split, and by the time we're in the cave, we can't wait to find out what will happen to him. The excruciating ride as a hero aboard the planks, suffering the nut cracking is a terrific build to the final happy denouement.

  • Cherokee Brave and son
    Exquisite pieces of art, so fine. No wonder you were inspired to write the poems about them. Gabrielle Blair