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Linda Marie Pharaoh-Carlson

Linda Marie Pharaoh-Carlson

Location:Pilot Mound, IA, USA
Contact:click here
Biography:A writer most of sixty-two years (ever since learning to write). Published my first book January 2010, named 'Wanderings of a Wayward Heart...Ponderings of a Well Found Soul."

It is filled with short stories and poetry, as well as original quotes, most of which come from just living life.

I have a web site that showcases the writings of others called, The WordSmith, as well as an interactive writing community called, 'Writers Block' (as in"friendly neighborhood, not mind muddled). A small writing group on Facebook and Linkedin.

I have dealt with over 30 years of the chronic immune deficiency illnesses of CFS/ME and FMS. I have degenerative arthritis and Chronic Myofascial Pain Disorder. God has been my great strength through it all, as well as having a supportive husband and family.
I have also maintained a small support community for others with chronic illness called 'The HobNobbery.'

My husband of 43 years and I have two grown sons, one of which we now live with. We sold our home and live with our youngest son in a grand old church that he is renovating into a home. It's an adventure!

My great love and passion is poetry.
I have had children's poems published in the yearly anthology 'Lyrical Iowa,' over the last two years that I have submitted them.

I used to write for MindMill Perspectives online, and a few other places, including Susan Fahnke's 2theHeart. Have been published in a few other collected works/anthologies, conducted online writing work shops, and generally kept pretty busy.

I have designed simple web sites/blogs for other writers in my spare time, but consider myself retired now. =)


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