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Henry Rockwood

Location:Augusta, GA, usa
Contact:click here
Biography:I am a young old man. Almost 65 and pass for 45. Of course the graying hair gives some clue that I might be a tad older. My wife carol and I moved to Augusta in July 2005 after 28 years in South Florida. NO, we did not move because of hurricanes. We had experienced no direct hits from hurricanes in all our time in Florida. The house we sold in Florida did, however suffer extensive damage from Hurricane Wilma.
I am originally from Ft. Worth, Texas and Carol was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. I love animals, particuarly cats, and usually find time to volunteer for pet related organizations. I was able to take early retirement a few years ago and occasionally take on a part time job to keep active. Early in July 2006 I was asked to write for a small local weekly newspaper in Augusta. In Florida I worked in customer relations at the arena where the NHL Florida Panthers play hockey. Imagine actually getting paid to see Hockey games and to see some of the biggest name entertainment stars. I used to chuckle to see friends pay $100.00 or more to see people like Cher, Simon and Garfunkle, Paul McCartney, etc. while I was being paid to watch the program and make sure noone smoked, got too drunk, or started a fight.


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