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Veronica Breen Hogle

Veronica Breen Hogle

Organization:Irish Cultural Events
Location:Buffalo, NY, USA
Contact:click here
Biography:I was born in Waterford, Ireland, on May 9, 1940, the day the Germans took Belgium during World War Two. From the time I was two years old, I was reared by Jim and Christina Fitzpatrick in Bagenalstown, (Muinebeag in Irish), County Carlow, a little railway town on the River Barrow. All the neighbors called me Vonnie Fitz. Jim was the foreman in the goods' department of the Bagenalstown Railway Station. I also lived with my Grandmother in Graiguenamanagh in the County Kilkenny, a medieval town situated on the Barrow, 70 miles south of Dublin. It was a time before television when only the doctor, hospital and a few merchants had telephones and cars.

I write about the experience of living on a small isolated farm, outside the historic town of Graiguenamanagh. At dusk, I loved to watch the amber lights from the oil lamps, lanterns and candles wink on around the rolling hills.

My hope is to publish a little book of my stories about this special time when I lived in that beautiful place with my beloved grandmother.

As a child, I enjoyed writing my weekly school compositions in English and in the Irish language. When I was 17 years old, I went to Dublin and worked as a hairdresser for seven years. Then, I went to Paris, France, and was an Au Pair with two French families. I attended the Alliance Française de Paris to study French language and culture for one year. From France, I came to the United States in 1965. I now live in Buffalo, New York, where I have a three-generation family. I enjoy writing short stories about an event or a sitation in the family or the town and the colorful characters that make the story memorable.

My hobbbies include writing, food from around the world, cultivating my flower garden, collecting hand-made lace and giving presentations on the history of Irish lace and the role it played during the Irish potato famine of 1845-1849.

I work as a grant proposal writer for not-for-profit organizations. I also work as a care giver to seniors in their homes.

I am a frequent contributor to The Buffalo News, Buffalo, NY., CelticLife Magazine, NS., Canada, Ireland's Own Magazine, and The Carlow Nationalist, Ireland.

Three of my stories are in the book titled: Graiguenamanagh Families: A Trip Down Memory Lane," published by the Graiguenamanagh Historical Society in 2006. One of my stories in the Graiguenamanagh book received honorable mention in the 2006 Writer's Digest Writing Competition for my memoir "Christmas in the Village of the Monks." I also received honorable mention in the 2005 Buffalo News Writing contest for "Take Me Home to Moscow," two other cash prizes on ourecho web site. In 2009, I received honorable mention in Writer's Digest 78th annual competition for "Two Saturdays in March," and I was one of three top winners in ArtVoice newspaper, Buffalo, NY for its Valentine's Day true love story competition for my piece titled "Evenings In Paris."

I hope to compile the stories I've written about the years I lived with my grandmother into a book of short stories. My wish is to write a bigger story about my family and how it was for us living in Ireland from the experience of my grandmother, whose husband served in the British Army's 11th Hussars, and my mother who was born during Ireland's Easter Rebellion and lived her life as a rebel. I'd like to share my memories of my first 23 years living in the small towns, villages and in Dublin during a time when Ireland was the poorest country in Europe.

The main reason I write is for my children, grandchildren and future generations to know a little bit about their Irish ancestors and my childhood years in Ireland over half a century ago.


Title ID Location Year Posted
The Girl in the Photograph 51 Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow, Ireland 1955 01/01/2006 22:23
The Beauty in the Silver Coat 53 Graiguenamanagh, County Kilkenny, Ireland 1949 01/04/2006 21:21
Have won an award Sponsored story Of All the Men I've Ever Loved 59 Bagenalstown, County Carlow, Ireland 1942 01/18/2006 19:00
My Grandmother's Lasting Gift 61 Graiguenamanagh, County Kilkenny, Ireland 1949 01/23/2006 15:24
A KISS FROM YPRES, BELGIUM 1507 Ypres, Belgium, Bagenalstown, Ireland 1914 01/12/2007 15:07
Sponsored story Almond Eyes 66 Buffalo, New York, USA 1988 01/25/2006 21:19
HOW TO FIND OUT A LOT ABOUT A MAN In Just One Night 2747 Dublin, Ireland 1960 08/29/2007 21:01
A MORNING WALK 2050 Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow, Ireland 2006 05/05/2007 08:45
Forgetting to Remember 99 Dublin, Ireland 2004 02/06/2006 15:38
Have won an award Sponsored story Pvt. Patrick Walshe’s Frayed Old Letter 120 Bagenalstown, Ireland, Mons, Belgium 1914 02/20/2006 18:49
How Lovely 'Tis 203 Curragh Army Camp, Kildare, Ireland 1916 03/22/2006 22:05
Sponsored story A ONE WAY TICKET TO AMERICA 407 Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, and Houston, Texas 1965 05/10/2006 20:38
OurEcho Is Out There 3259 Mons, Belgium 1914 12/04/2007 00:32
AN ORDINARY LIFE 598 Carlow, Dublin, Ireland &, Buffalo, NY 2006 07/02/2006 16:54
FIRST KISS 768 Waterford, Ireland 1940 08/17/2006 00:04
A Day In The Life of Anne Donnelly 984 Ireland, France, USA, Egypt 2006 10/02/2006 22:24
Sponsored story IN MEMORY OF MY FATHER 1296 Graiguenamanagh, County Kilkenny, Ireland 1944 12/01/2006 18:48
Sponsored story Eileen nee Earls Breen 1252 Bagenalstown, County Carlow, Ireland 2006 11/25/2006 09:15
Sponsored story MEMORIES OF BAGENALSTOWN 1257 Bagenalstown, County Carlow, Ireland 2006 11/25/2006 20:32
Sponsored story REMEMBRANCE DAY 1258 Bagenalstown, County Carlow, Ireland 2006 11/25/2006 20:38
POPPIES 1271 Bagenalstown, County Carlow, Ireland 2006 11/27/2006 21:22
IN MEMORY OF MY MOTHER 1530 Graiguenamanagh, County Kilkenny, Ireland 1973 01/18/2007 21:04
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THE COUNTRY GIRLS WITH TIN MUGS 1610 The Village of the Monks, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland 1949 02/03/2007 17:46
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WHEN WE WERE GIRLS IN THE SOLDIERS' COTTAGES 1763 Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow, Ireland 1948 03/02/2007 20:59
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UNKNOWN WOMAN IN THE OLD PICTURE FRAME 1965 Buffalo, NY, USA 2007 04/14/2007 22:48
A FISHY TALE 2051 Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow, Ireland 1970 05/05/2007 14:36
MY SECOND MOTHER 2108 Bagenalstown, County Carlow, Ireland 1942 05/12/2007 21:49
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AS SUMMER FADES 2770 Dublin, Ireland 1993 09/01/2007 16:23
News from Nova Scotia 2965 Bagenalstown and Belgium, Ireland 1915 10/01/2007 18:07
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AT THE TIME OF THE HUNTER'S MOON 3137 Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland 1949 11/05/2007 15:48
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