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My Birth Town on Fire

Story ID:5009
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Person:Residents of Halifax
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Posted 05/03/2009 12:26 by Nancy J. Kopp | Reply
How sad, Michael. We've been to Halifax and enjoyed time spent there as well as many other areas of Nova Scotia. Frightening scenario for the residents and their families afar who worry about them. I hope things stay under control.
Posted 05/03/2009 12:48 | Reply
Thanks, Nancy
They got the fire under control the next day, thanks to a little rain

I haven't been home in 8 years. I miss it
Posted 05/08/2009 20:19 by Carol J Garriott | Reply
Wildfires are truly frightening, Michael. Fantastic photos. Glad your mother is OK, and the fires are now out. Carol
Posted 05/26/2009 06:49 by Betty (BJ) Roan | Reply
The pictures are fantastic, but the story behind them devastating. BJ
Posted 06/09/2009 23:05 | Reply
Hi Mike,
I agree with B.J....the photos you used are great, but the story of the fire itself is sadder than sad. Thank God your Mom's home was not affected.
Sandi in FL.
Posted 06/20/2009 23:11 by Michael Timothy Smith | Reply
Posted 04/30/2012 15:18 by Janice Dolores Marler | Reply
Bob Casey who publishes Poetical Journeys, has photos of Nova Scotia
He wrote a poem on his newsletter this time called Nova Scotia Interlude


That is something else...lol
Posted 04/30/2012 16:38 by Michael Timothy Smith | Reply
That's cool
Thanks, Janice
Posted 05/02/2012 13:49 by Janice Dolores Marler | Reply
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