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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can post a story to OurEcho?
Anyone may post stories.

Is it free?
Absolutely, though you must become a member to post a story.

How do you become a member?
Becoming a member is a simple process. From the create member account screen, just include your name, email address and select a password. If you choose, you may also include a link to your site or blog and include a bio. Email addresses are considered private information. We do not share email addresses with any other sites or organizations.

Does OurEcho accept fiction? What about photographs?
I had originally viewed OurEcho as a way to capture the written word. Primarily I was interested in capturing and preserving the local stories that reflected who we were at a given location and point of time. But after some questions and thought, I think that reflection is best described in a number of ways including fiction stories, photographs, poems letters, recipes, even music, though I don't have this one working yet. I think they all tell a story about who we are. And I guess that's the beauty of the web. Things are not constant and sites become what they should be and not what you envisioned them to be. So they answer is "Yes", OurEcho accepts fiction and other types of posts that reflect who we are. I have had the site modified, so that you may specify the type of post. All types of posts are considered for the monthly contest.

Can I edit a story I have already posted?
Yes. Just sign in and from the Member Admin page you will be able to edit all stories you have posted as that member.

Does the artist retain the copyright to submitted material?
Absolutely. All intellectual property rights, including copyrights, remain the property of the artist. By submitting a story for a contest, the artist does agree to license use of their work as part of the OurEcho newsletter.

How long does submitted material remain on OurEcho?
The material remains on OurEcho indefinitely, though the artist has the right and the ability to remove the material at any time. Submitted material may be deleted by signing in and navigating to the "My Stories" page.

What content can be posted?
OurEcho posts stories as they are received without censorship. We post stories of all kinds including those on topics that some people may find objectionable (sex, violence, racism). However, OurEcho does draw the line at publishing pieces that malign or demean other individuals. These stories will be removed immediately when they are discovered.

What is meant by primary location, year and individual?
The primary location, year and individual are the three items that OurEcho uses to organize stories. We realize that stories don't always fit neatly into these categories. Some stories might have a specific place or location while others may span geographic locations, years and individuals.

The ultimate goal is to provide a means to locate stories that might interest you. It might be the where you live or the central place the story takes place. It might be about one person or many. If a story spans years, just select a year that reflects the period. In the end, what really counts is the story. Make your best guess as to the primary location, year and individual and start writing.

How are stories organized?
Stories are organized by location, year and individual; however, the full text of all stories can be searched from the main page. Individual stories can also be viewed directly by using the story's unique id.

What services and products does OurEcho market to writers?
None. Our goal is to provide a mechanism for the capture and storage of stories that might otherwise be lost. We have no products or services to sell.

Is OurEcho a blog?
In some sense it is, though OurEcho is more of a community blog than one devoted to any one individual.