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New Features

For a printable version of OurEcho features, please select the following link - OurEcho Features

Popular Posts
A new ranking system has been added to the "Popular Post" page. With this scoring system, views to your work that come from different geographic locations and those that come from unique individuals will be valued more than just strict counts of views of your posts (because view counts can be easily manipulated by just clicking on the page). You can use the small arrows next to the column titles to sort either ascending or descending by just clicking on one of the arrows. I encourage you to play with this functionality. By clicking on the arrows next to the titles you can sort the page to see the most popular posts for the last 30 days or the most popular posts since inception or the most popular posts based on views. Popularity scores are updated once a day.

Tip: To increase your posts popularity, email the link to your friends. The more views you have from unique locations and visitors, the higher your post's popularity score.

View Posts
Sort functionality has been added to the "View Post" page. Posts may be sorted by simply clicking the small arrows (ascending and descending) found next to the column titles - type, location, year, person, contributor, and date.

We have added a headset icon next to stories with audio. The audio technology is very exciting, and I am still exploring how best to fully integrate it into the site.

Email this link
From the story page, you will now find a link to send a recommendation of the post to a friend. When you select the link, it opens your default email software and adds a brief message and link to the post. You may also modify the email with additional text before sending it.

I encourage you to email your posts (and others you find interesting) to all your friends. In doing so, you advance the "community" concept of this site and also increase the popularity of these posts.

Take this post offline
We have added a new checkbox to the "Add a Post" functionality. It allows you to add your posts without actually displaying them. It has several purposes:

1. It allows you to edit and proof your work over several days before actually displaying it to the world.
2. It provides some safeguards against the loss of your work by providing an additional place to store your work.
3. It allows you to take your work on and offline for any purpose you deem appropriate. Before this functionality was introduced, a contributor was forced to delete a story because it was being published in another source. Now this post could be taken offline for a period of time without having to delete it.

My Stories Page
Ranking functionality on the My Stories page is still under construction. Once complete, it will allow you to compare the popularity of your posts against others from one central location. Rankings will be updated once a day.