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Julie Grassley

I wrote my first story in fourth grade. Part of involved a kid staying in a cupcake hotel where everything was made of cupcakes except for the bathroom. I loved reading so much that my mom had to hide my books from me until I finished my chores. I love how reading takes you to different worlds in such an intimate way, in a way that a movie never can. You decide what the characters and towns look like and it settles into your mind.

I enjoy writing, I donít think Iíll ever enthrall people liked I have been. My friend said that I write better when I write about what Iíve done like in Alaska and Back 500 bucks each.

I lived in Pennsylvania until I was 5 then we moved to Hawaii. The volcano was cool, the bugs were not. I lived in Hawaii until I was 17 then I lived in California for about 6 months. I lived in Ohio for about 6 years then off to Seattle for a year and a half. Then to NYC for 2 years. Wow, I have some wild stories from those cities, not yet written.

I currently enjoy spending time with my children, running and writing. I also always have one or two inventions that Iím working on. Iím a little too scattered right now so I need to concentrate on one hobby at a time. Some days I get so excited about life, about all the things that you can do. Stamp and coin collecting, backpacking, cloud watching, bike riding on a beautiful day, etc.

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