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More Old Cartoony Artwork from Long Ago Wilmington, Delaware, USA 32767 Bob Wilson Bob Wilson 01/22/11
Voice recording available Did He Pass Me By Groton, NY, USA 1998 Anyone interested in making this a better world. JANET KESSLER POLUDNIAK 05/10/08
Does Pope Francis Care about Animal Suffering? Vatican, Rome, Italy 2014 "Andrew" Suzana Margaret Megles 11/25/14
Spam, My Pardner Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S.A. 1963 Mark Crider 02/29/08
I Know The Secret None, USA 1850 Michael Timothy Smith 09/20/15
A Phone Call to Heaven Dillon, Montana, USA 1934 Charles Dishno 01/31/11
A Walk From Reality Warrens, WI, USA 2007 Gail Cadence Franklin 09/26/07
Chpt 2 of: A Vampires Love sucks? Southwest, USA 2010 Caty Lee Thompson 01/07/10
email changed phenix city, alabama, u.s.a. 2009 self bobby o'neill mitchum 01/12/09
Remembering Mary Ann...Sixteen Forever Dillon, MT, USQ 1934 Charles Dishno 02/03/11
The Thief Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2007 Mary Mary Elizabeth Martin 01/09/07
Life Changes in a Flash Harveyville, Kansas, Wabaunsee 2009 Dorothy Masters 11/06/09
The Lady In The Window Jackson, Michigan, USA 2004 Kimberly Byrne 04/24/06
A Warm Day in Berlin Berlin, Germany 1961 me & gerry Dick Meister 08/31/11
Despair Woodstock, Ontario, Canada 2007 anyone Charlene Smith 10/01/07
SADIE'S CHRISTMAS ANGEL Corpus Christi, Tx, USA 2005 Sadie and her Christmas Angel Kathleene S Baker 12/08/06
The Stamp Box Manhattan, KS, USA 2006 Wanda Molsberry Bates 04/20/06
Give Them Bread and Circus Coquille, Oregon, U.S.A. 2011 Clifford Latta Clifford Von Latta 04/11/11
Moments of Clarity Lyman, ME, USA 2008 Joseph James Breunig 03/07/13
If I Were... Lyman, ME, USA 2006 Joseph James Breunig 07/25/13

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