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Thelma & Louise Go To Crested Butte Travel Smyrna, Ga, USA 2008 Thelma & Louise Clarice Bell 10/15/08
Voice recording available Bagby State Park Marina Travel Fort Gaines, GA, USA 2007 Mike Robinson Mark R. Lupo 10/08/07
Cloudy - Meatballs Optional? Travel WA, USA 2008 Kristine Lowder 04/02/10
SNORKELING - FLORIDA vs. AUSTRALIA Travel Florida, Australia 2006 Warren Resen Warren Resen 10/17/06
SKY HIGH Travel Washington, D.C., USA 2015 American Air Traveler Charles Micheaux 01/04/15
'THE LAND WHERE HOPE WHISPERS' Travel Varadero, Cuba 2006 Mariela, our Service Staff Member Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe 06/06/06
Through the Windscreen Travel El Dorado, Kansas, USA 2007 October Road Trip - Florida to Kansas Virginia Allain 11/05/07
TROUBLE IN PARADISE Travel Eniwetok, Marshall Islands 1952 Dick Dunlap 12/04/06
Travel in the UK and Ireland 2007 Travel Birmingham, England 2007 Nancy Kopp Nancy J. Kopp 06/22/08
OUR CASTLE IN SPAIN Travel Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain 1961 me/wife Dick Meister 11/24/07
A Wine Cellar Dinner Travel Eidiger-Eller, Germany 2003 Markus Thiessen Nancy J. Kopp 02/26/06
Not Being Afraid Travel Tincan Bay,, Queensland, Austgralia 1995 Myself Gwendolyn Aileen Atkins 03/12/08
THE SMACK-DAB MIDDLE Travel Buffalo, Montana, USA 2002 Last of The Old Cowboys Kathe M. Campbell 03/23/06
Christopher Columbus Statue Travel Columbus, GA, USA 2006 Mark Lupo Mark R. Lupo 10/02/06
Up and Down Travel WA, usa 2006 Kristine Lowder 07/03/06
'"ON A GOOD EVENING, I GET FOUR HOURS SLEEP" Travel Everywhere, USA 2007 Dick Meister 12/18/07
My Travels Travel Anywhere, USA 2008 Sherry Sherry Bell 11/01/08
Rachet and Sgt. Gwen Travel Baghdad, -, Iraq 2008 Sgt. Gwen Beberg Suzana Margaret Megles 10/08/08
Voice recording available Historical Journeys Travel Columbus, GA, USA 2008 Monica Cobis Monica E Cobis 03/13/08
Pub Fare in the United Kingdom and Ireland Travel Dublin, Ireland 2007 Nancy Kopp Nancy J. Kopp 03/17/12

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