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Dr. Osman of Turkey - A Man of Compassion Avsallar, -, Turkey 2015 Dr. Osman Suzana Margaret Megles 02/14/15
Life is to short Cleburne, Tx, Johnson 2012 jozie george 06/21/12
Happy Birthday, Rose 2012 Dillon, Montana, USA 2012 Rose Charles Dishno 08/18/12
My Little Cabin Delores, Colorado, U.S.A. 1974 Mark Crider 01/11/08
Talkin' South Texan New York, New York, U.S.A. 1976 Mark Crider 03/05/08
First Ripple Today Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S.A. 2003 Mark Crider 02/29/08
Dancing Down The Hall Roanoke, VA, us 2003 Jimmy's shoes Pat Thompson 03/10/13
Steve Alten Interview cardiff, u.k 2009 owen hollifield 06/04/09
A VERY STRANGE FISH (A MOSTLY TRUE TALE) PART III Hill City, South Dakota, USA 1994 Terrance Newby Terrance C. Newby 02/13/09
VALENTINE'S DAY AMBUSH Augusta, Kansas, USA 1965 Dad Kathleene S Baker 02/01/07
Slap Me Caldwell, ID, USA 2013 All of Us Michael Timothy Smith 02/26/13
Getting More Media Coverage Michael Jackson Or Farrah Fawcett San Antonio, USA 2009 Judy Ramsook 07/05/09
Digital Image Art Beaufort, SC, USA 2009 Bob Wilson Bob Wilson 09/13/09
FEAR SALEM, USA 2006 Barbara Carpenter barbara elliott carpenter 04/14/06
Glowing Planets Coquille, Oregon, USA 2009 Clifford Latta Clifford Von Latta 04/22/09
Tired Of Paying A Website To Find You A Match? Try This, It's Free... San Antonio, USA 2009 Judy Ramsook 06/13/09
THE BIG STRIKE San Francisco, CA, USA 1934 Dick Meister 05/15/07
EULOGY SALEM, USA 2004 barbara elliott carpenter 03/17/06
My Attic of Memories Bluffton, South Carolina, USA 1996 myself E. Beatrice Cobb 02/09/07
The Royal Family Santa Clarita, Calif., U.S.A. 2014 The writer Robbin Lee Day 02/07/14

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