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Life In UAE Dubai, UAE 2008 No one hamad Abulrazaq amiri 07/09/08
Storm Clouds Brewin' LaGrange, GA, USA 2008 myself Susan Hammett Poole 06/17/08
We Are the Lighthouse Keepers Cayuga, NY, USA 2004 Lighthouse lovers. JANET KESSLER POLUDNIAK 05/04/08
Mom and the Space Shuttle Dillon, Montana, USA 2010 Charles Dishno 01/27/11
Banana Windfall Near Caracas, Venezuela 1991 Mark Crider 03/05/08
Dad's Pouting Stool Harveyville, Kansas, Wabaunsee 2007 Dorothy Masters 08/13/07
Success Harveyville, Kansas, Wabaunsee 2010 Dorothy Masters 04/20/10
A Walk From Reality Warrens, WI, USA 2007 Gail Cadence Franklin 09/26/07
VALENTINE'S DAY AMBUSH Augusta, Kansas, USA 1965 Dad Kathleene S Baker 02/01/07
Can We Judge a Country by Its Food Choices? various, variosu, usa 2014 various Suzana Margaret Megles 02/05/14
Contest Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2007 Mary E. Martin Mary Elizabeth Martin 06/10/07
Where are all the new posts Dillon, Montana, USA 2012 Charles Dishno 06/09/12
email changed phenix city, alabama, u.s.a. 2009 self bobby o'neill mitchum 01/12/09
EULOGY SALEM, USA 2004 barbara elliott carpenter 03/17/06
Spam, My Pardner Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S.A. 1963 Mark Crider 02/29/08
FEAR SALEM, USA 2006 Barbara Carpenter barbara elliott carpenter 04/14/06
Beware The Dogs Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S.A. 2004 Mark Crider 03/05/08
Searching For A Sister QC, USA 2007 Miranda Perez 09/24/09
Give Them Bread and Circus Coquille, Oregon, U.S.A. 2011 Clifford Latta Clifford Von Latta 04/11/11
Waiting For The Alarm (A Poem) San Antonio, USA 2009 Judy Ramsook 06/17/09

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