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1506 Fiction Tucson, AZ, USA 2008 lassie charlax hice 04/25/08
A Memorable Experience Fiction North West Country, USA 2007 Kristina Elizabeth Anderson 09/16/07
A NATIONAL TRAGEDY Musings, Essays and Such Every city, Every State, USA 2014 Police Officer Frederick William Wickert 08/19/14
A Vampires Love Sucks? Fiction SouthWest, USA 2009 Caty Lee Thompson 12/30/09
An Intruder in the House Musings, Essays and Such El Dorado, Kansas, USA 2007 Gail Gail Lee Martin 03/19/07
BURGLARY 101 Fiction Any town, Arkansas, USA 1985 barbara elliott carpenter 04/04/06
CharlaXHeston Poem Tucson, Az, Usa 2008 Charlton Heston charlax hice 04/19/08
Chhaya's No Bake Cookies Recipe El Dorado, Kansas, USA 1997 the author & her granddaughter Gail Lee Martin 11/16/06
Chounds like Story Tucson, AZ, USA 2008 FOX charlax hice 04/26/08
HIM of Praise Poem Tucson, AZ, USA 2008 Jesus charlax hice 05/15/08
Home Poem Manchester, England 2009 Lilly ---------------- White 12/31/09
In The Hours After Midnight Poem OUT GOING MAIL, Vietnam 1963 Linda Ronnie Eugene Jones 06/06/13
Lakota Breastplate Drawing/Image Glasgow, MT, USA 2006 Lakota carly lyn coe 11/15/07
Landlords in Alabama Musings, Essays and Such Phenix City, Alabama, U.S.A. 2012 Self bobby o'neill mitchum 05/13/12
One1006six3 Fiction Tucson, AZ, USA 1292 King Arthur charlax hice 04/30/08
One30five Fiction Tucson, AZ, USA 2008 JESUS charlax hice 04/09/08
One30four Poem Tucson, AZ, USA 2008 CharlaX charlax hice 04/09/08
PORTRAIT OF MAYA ANGELOU Biography New York, New York, USA 2014 Maya Angelou Charles Micheaux 07/16/14
Recent Events In Mumbai India Foreign Phenix City, Alabama, U.S.A. 2008 Self Bobby O'neill Mitchum 12/01/08
The First Fable of CharlaX Poem Tucson, USA 2004 myself charlax hice 03/10/08

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