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Hungry? Don't Look At Me! Story Buffalo, NY, United States 2006 Maria Pascucci Maria L. Pascucci 01/13/06
A Different Existence Diary/Journal Entry Buffalo, NY, USA 2001 Person Unknown Edie Koch 01/16/06
Of All the Men I've Ever Loved Story Bagenalstown, County Carlow, Ireland 1942 Jim Fitzpatrick Veronica Breen Hogle 01/18/06
Class Poem Poem Judson College, Alabama, USA 1927 Mary Cynthia Gullatt Belcher Scott R. Lupo 01/18/06
My Grandmother's Lasting Gift Story Graiguenamanagh, County Kilkenny, Ireland 1949 Mrs. Earls Veronica Breen Hogle 01/23/06
An Afghan to Warm the Heart Story Lancaster, NY, United States 2003 Edie (Koch) Suarez Edie Koch 01/25/06
Almond Eyes Story Buffalo, New York, USA 1988 Lisa Hogle Veronica Breen Hogle 01/25/06
Ian Moore Helps Us Tackle Culture Shock Oakland, California, United States 2005 Ian C. Dawkins Moore Michael Chacko Daniels 01/27/06
Sing an Indian Name! Fiction San Francisco, California, United States 2005 Michael Chacko Daniels 01/27/06
Our Very Own Earth Angel Biography Bloomington, IL, USA 2005 Fannie Bartman Nancy J. Kopp 01/27/06
Ole Softy Poem Knoxville, Tennessee, USA 2 Leslie P. Marable Leslie Patricia Marable 01/28/06
At the stroke of twelve Story Knoxville, Tennessee, USA 2 Leslie P. Marable Leslie Patricia Marable 01/28/06
Procrastination Poem Phenix City, Alabama, USA 2001 Margie Stillwell Margie Stillwell 01/30/06
The Happy Life Poem Phenix City, Alabama, USA 2000 Margie Stillwell Margie Stillwell 01/30/06
The Lost Art of Speaking A Piece Story Phenix City, Alabama, USA 1934 Margie Stillwell Margie Stillwell 01/30/06
Simple Gifts of Shaker Legacy Live on in Canterbury Local History Canterbury, New Hampshire, US 1800 Shakers Phyllis Edgerly Ring 02/02/06
Plenty of Time and Seclusion Local History Derry, New Hampshire, US 1910 Robert Frost Phyllis Edgerly Ring 02/02/06
Following A Trail of Black History Local History Portsmouth, New Hampshire, US 1700 Valerie Cunningham Phyllis Edgerly Ring 02/02/06
So Much Hate Poem mableton, ga, usa 2001 Evelyn D. Hall 02/03/06
Killing Loneliness Poem Buffalo, NY, USA 1976 Lori Ann Staufenberger 02/03/06

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