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Crab's Corner-Diet Pill Madness Musings, Essays and Such Cleveland, Ohio, USA 2014 me Lisa Godin 09/09/14
Coffee With Cagney Family Memories Boston, MA, USA 1949 My father David Paul Pro 09/08/14
Stumble, Mumble, Fumble----- Poem Corona, CA, USA 2014 Chelsea Kanasas Kid growing Older Monte Leon Manka 09/08/14
Summer in The City, 1951 The Writing Salon Boston, USA 1951 David Paul Pro 09/08/14
This Made My Day Musings, Essays and Such Lexington, Kentucky, U|SA 2014 The Sleeths Suzana Margaret Megles 09/07/14
Bridal Sweet? The Writing Salon Any, USA 2010 David Paul Pro 09/07/14
The Wino and the Troubadour The Writing Salon Boston, USA 1974 David Paul Pro 09/06/14
A little writing success The Writing Salon Caldwell, ID, USA 2014 Writers Michael Timothy Smith 09/06/14
The Veiled Woman Poem The desert, Egypt 2014 A stranger Gabrielle Eve Blair 09/06/14
She Will be Remembered Family History Briansk, Toronto,, Russia/Canada 1928 Eleonora Victorovna Asmus Maidan Gabrielle Eve Blair 09/05/14
The Changes Around Me Musings, Essays and Such Caldwell, ID, USA 2014 Us Michael Timothy Smith 09/04/14
Who Are These People Musings, Essays and Such All, Earth 2014 David Paul Pro 09/04/14
The Wayward Lieutenant The Writing Salon Key West, Florida, USA 1969 David Paul Pro 09/02/14
US Senate Midterm Report for the Animals Musings, Essays and Such Washington, District of Columbia , usa 2014 Michael Markarian Suzana Margaret Megles 09/02/14
The Gimmee Girl The Writing Salon Any, USA 2014 David Paul Pro 09/01/14
Is There A Magic Formula For Writers? Musings, Essays and Such Manhattan, KS, USA 2014 writers Nancy J. Kopp 08/31/14
Temporary Insanity The Writing Salon Any, USA 2012 David Paul Pro 08/31/14
Crab's Corner-Spreading The Filth Of Hate Musings, Essays and Such Cleveland, Ohio, USA 2014 me Lisa Godin 08/30/14
The Animal Talkers ( Final Chapter ) Fiction Wind River, Wyoming, USA 2014 Mary Stillwaters Ronnie Eugene Jones 08/29/14
Who Wears Fur Today? Musings, Essays and Such -, Quebec, Canada 2014 Abigail Geer Suzana Margaret Megles 08/29/14

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