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In Praise of the HSUS Musings, Essays and Such Washington DC, District of Columbia, usa 2015 Wayne Pacelle Suzana Margaret Megles 07/28/15
Crab's Corner - Caitlyn Jenner Is A Joke! Musings, Essays and Such Cleveland, Ohio, USA 2015 me Lisa Godin 07/27/15
Dairy Farm Cruelty Musings, Essays and Such Birnamwood, Wisconsin, usa 2014 Mercy for Animals Suzana Margaret Megles 07/25/15
BLACK LIVES MATTER - REALLY? Musings, Essays and Such All cities, All states, USA 2015 Political Correctness Frederick William Wickert 07/23/15
Angel Wings Poem The Wilderness,, Quebec, Canada 2015 Lana Gabrielle Eve Blair 07/22/15
Caged Poem London,, England 2015 A prisoner Gabrielle Eve Blair 07/22/15
Aloes Poem Johannesburg,, Transvaal,, South Africa 1956 Me and my sister Gabrielle Eve Blair 07/22/15
Clay Saga Part 8 Baby Elephant Photograph Cleveland, Ohio, USA 2015 me Lisa Godin 07/22/15
The Story of Three Shelter Dogs Musings, Essays and Such various, various, usa 2015 Examiner.com Suzana Margaret Megles 07/21/15
WHAT IS A HERO? Musings, Essays and Such Everywhere, All States, USA 2015 Donald Trump Frederick William Wickert 07/20/15
Crab's Corner-Where Did This Sudden Morality and Virtue Come From? Musings, Essays and Such Cleveland, Ohio, USA 2015 me Lisa Godin 07/19/15
Back to Nature Fiction Sambro, Nova Scotia, Canada 1968 Michael Timothy Smith 07/19/15
WILL IT BE CHANGED? Musings, Essays and Such Washington, DC, USA 2015 Supreme Court Frederick William Wickert 07/19/15
Dinner at Grandmas house Poem Corona, CA, USA 1930 Chelsea Kansas Kid Monte Leon Manka 07/18/15
In the Footsteps of St. Francis Musings, Essays and Such -, -, usa 2015 Chip Paillex Suzana Margaret Megles 07/18/15
John Castle the Confederate Spy Who Wasn't #4 Fiction Brownsville, Texas, USA 1867 John Castle Ronnie Eugene Jones 07/17/15
She Cares For All Musings, Essays and Such Caldwell, Idaho, USA 2015 Ginny Michael Timothy Smith 07/16/15
Those Amazing Wild Life Veterinarians Musings, Essays and Such various, various, various 2015 Veterinarians Suzana Margaret Megles 07/16/15
ARE WE GOING NUTS? Musings, Essays and Such Washington, D.C., USA 2015 Obama and Kerry Frederick William Wickert 07/14/15
No Island Paradise for Dogs Musings, Essays and Such Barcelona, Puerto Rico, usa 2015 - Suzana Margaret Megles 07/14/15

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