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Life in the Palace (2) Golden Bay, Califlorida 2006 Aurora "Rory" Lorelei B. Moore 12/29/06
CAMBODIA IS SPECIAL Travel SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA 2012 liz morris 12/22/12
Gratitude Poem A big city,, Canada 2014 A friend Gabrielle Eve Blair 10/18/14
A Circle of Hell Poem Alberta Tar Sands, Canada 2012 Gabrielle Eve Blair 07/30/12
SOLVING JAKE'S NON-COMPLIANCE PROBLEM Story Clarenville, Canada 1990 Jake, A Special Man Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe 12/10/08
'MY GRANITE EMBRACE-A LOVE LETTER' Letter Clarenville, NL, Canada 2008 My Home Province, Newfoundland and Labrador. Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe 02/15/08
ROSES FOR BECKY In Memory Clarenville, NL, Canada 1997 My Wonderful Friend, Becky Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe 05/14/08
THE TREASURED GIFT Family History Clarenville,NL, Canada 2008 My father- in- law, Abram Lowe Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe 01/30/08
THE FREE-WHEEL DRIVE Story Clarenville,NL, Canada 2007 The Somewhat Embarrassed Author Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe 01/20/08
Speed Reading Story College Heights, Canada 1965 Fred Earle Dorey 01/24/10
Evil Spirit Story Dartmouth, Canada 1968 Fred Earle Dorey 02/01/10
Preparation Pays Story Edmonton, Canada 1966 Fred Dorey Fred Earle Dorey 01/28/10
Organization Pays Story Edmonton, Canada 1966 Fred Earle Dorey 02/05/10
Lazy Electricity Family History Edmonton, AB, Canada 1942 Harley Reid 03/29/07
Marijuana Mystery Family History Edmonton, AB, Canada 2004 Harley Reid 05/31/07
You Will Salute! Family History Edmonton, AB, Canada 1942 Harley M Reid Harley Reid 06/07/07
There Be elephants Poem Edmonton, AB, Canada 2000 Harley Reid 08/02/07
Friendly Fire Family History Edmonton, AB, Canada 1942 Harley Reid 10/16/07
Sitting On Top Of The World Family Memories Ft. McMurray, Canada 2005 Harley Reid 02/12/07
The Happiest Day Of My Life Family Memories Halifax, Canada 1993 Vanessa Michael Timothy Smith 04/03/07

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