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Organization Pays Story Edmonton, Canada 1966 Fred Earle Dorey 02/05/10
Lazy Electricity Family History Edmonton, AB, Canada 1942 Harley Reid 03/29/07
Marijuana Mystery Family History Edmonton, AB, Canada 2004 Harley Reid 05/31/07
You Will Salute! Family History Edmonton, AB, Canada 1942 Harley M Reid Harley Reid 06/07/07
There Be elephants Poem Edmonton, AB, Canada 2000 Harley Reid 08/02/07
Friendly Fire Family History Edmonton, AB, Canada 1942 Harley Reid 10/16/07
Sitting On Top Of The World Family Memories Ft. McMurray, Canada 2005 Harley Reid 02/12/07
The Happiest Day Of My Life Family Memories Halifax, Canada 1993 Vanessa Michael Timothy Smith 04/03/07
Mystery Telling Story Halifax, Canada 2007 Fred Dorey Fred Earle Dorey 01/22/10
Deep Breathing Story Halifax, Canada 1957 Fred Earle Dorey 01/25/10
Top Marks Story Halifax, Canada 1960 Fred Earle Dorey 02/03/10
'FACING THE CHALLENGE OF LETTING THEM GO' Musings, Essays and Such Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Windsor, NS, Shoal Harbor,NL, Canada 1976 Mom, Dad, Son and Daughter-and Granddaughter. Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe 09/08/06
Festivals of Light Story Montreal, Canada 1958 Ryma Shohami Ryma Shohami 12/07/07
'THE MARIPOSA AND THE BOSSA NOVA' Biography Newfoundland and Cuba, Canada 32767 Eva, A Cuban Friend, and her sister Katrina Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe 04/10/06
Chapter 3 - The sixth Grade Fiction North, Canada 1997 Cindy Ashley D 10/13/07
Consequences of others Actions Fiction North, Canada 2007 Cindy Ashley D 10/12/07
Chapter 2 - The Early Years Fiction North, canada 1989 Cindy Ashley D 10/12/07
Evil Spirit in Ottawa Story Ottawa, Canada 1975 Fred Earle Dorey 02/02/10
An Inspiational Man Story Paradise, Canada 2009 Shawn Murphy shawn murphy 09/07/09
Day One A New Beginning Diary/Journal Entry Paradise, Canada 2009 Shawn Murphy shawn murphy 09/07/09

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