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TO THE JIHADISTS Musings, Essays and Such Anywhere, All states, USA 2017 Jihadist Frederick William Wickert 05/24/17
MOTHER'S LOVE FROM BEYOND Family History Albany, New York, USA 2017 A Mother Frederick William Wickert 05/20/17
EDF and Trump Musings, Essays and Such Washington, D.C., United States 2017 Vickie Patton Suzana Margaret Megles 05/19/17
Thoughts on a Monday Diary/Journal Entry El Dorado, Kansas, United States 2017 CJ Garriott Carol J Garriott 05/18/17
The countdown, going home Fiction Chi Minh , Vietnam 1964 The sergeant Ronnie Eugene Jones 05/18/17
I'm a Mother / Father Family History Caldwell, IDAHO, United States 2017 My Son Michael Timothy Smith 05/15/17
Crab's Corner-Media Played Like A Fiddle Musings, Essays and Such Cleveland, Ohio, USA 2017 me Lisa Godin 05/13/17
West Highland Terrier Stand Up Photograph Cleveland, Ohio, USA 2017 me Lisa Godin 05/09/17
Susan Hammett Story LaGrange, Georgia, USA 1964 Susan Hammett micheal albert gibson 05/07/17
Dancing in the Moonlight Poem Troy, Ohio, United States 2017 Drug Addiction Janice Dolores Marler 05/07/17
My Name Is Montana Sky Photograph Cleveland, Ohio, USA 2017 me Lisa Godin 05/03/17
Basset Hound Head Standup Photograph Cleveland, Ohio, USA 2017 me Lisa Godin 05/02/17
Pumpkin Goose Standup Photograph Cleveland, Ohio, USA 2017 me Lisa Godin 04/30/17
You Be the Judge Musings, Essays and Such -, New York, usa 2017 Stefanie Heath Higgins Suzana Margaret Megles 04/29/17
Eight Years of Suffering for Joey Musings, Essays and Such -, Pennsylvania, USA 2017 Stephen Wells Suzana Margaret Megles 04/26/17
Reporting unwanted comments OurEcho Community Manhattan, KS, United States 2017 Nancy Julien Kopp Nancy J. Kopp 04/15/17
Crossing Over Story Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2016 Boris Gabrielle Eve Blair 04/14/17
Magdalena and the Mountain Trees Story Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico 2016 John Gabrielle Eve Blair 04/14/17
New Neighbours Poem Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico 2017 Myself Gabrielle Eve Blair 04/14/17
Kaleidoscope Poem Anywhere, Anywhere 2017 Everyone Gabrielle Eve Blair 04/14/17

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