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"Ode to OurEcho.com" by Lisa Godin

OurEcho.com is a site to behold
with writings' galore
and new writers to mold

The writers I've read are
an amazing bunch
I cannot help thinking
"Hey let's all do lunch!"
I've discovered Uncle Fossill
from Podunk County
whose adventures
are a needed bounty!

I've learned to stay away
from all Blatz Beer
and relearned how a
dog is so dear

I've seen new kinds of Poetry
making me try my hand
please forgive me
for being awful or bland

Please don't go poof
into Site Not Found
because of a bad one
with no respect for
this such Sacred Ground!

So here is my Ode to OurEcho.com
whose turned writing
into something that truly does astound!