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Grace's Hell on Earth

Story ID:10021
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various usa
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One time I was able to reproduce someone elses story on oped. Either I have
lost the knack or it is no longer allowed. I found this on the Mercy for Animal
website, and I believe it deserves reproducing- for those who care about animal
suffering and even for those who say they have no “time” to look it up. We seem
to have time for everything -including stopping at a pizza place whose the cheese
on the pizza may well have come from the mother cows of a Leprino Foods dairy
supplier. In fact, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and Domino’s restaurants all use their

Robert worked undercover at one of the Leprino dairy farms. He saw first hand
how badly mother cows and their calves were being treated. God bless him. I
could never watch helplessly when an animal is being mistreated. But just
because he cares so much about animals, he is willing to suffer watching them
being brutally mistreated so he can share this with the world. Maybe some people
will change their diet after reading this. For a certainty, you can buy a vegan
pizza where no animal is brutalized as was Grace.

Of Grace he said -that she was used, abused, and then discarded by the dairy
industry. Like probably all the factory farm cows she was treated as a machine.
How can workers look at this sentient creature and not realize that she has the
very same basic needs like our own? To tell you that I am ashamed of being a
member of the human race is an understatement. You might agree also after
reading how she was treated.

Grace, like all dairy cows was impregnated ad infinatum. Their babies are taken
from them immediately after birth. The mother’s milk will be used for humans
instead. I think if anyone should understand the pain of not being able to bond
with their babies at childbirth, it should be women. But sadly, they seem just as
indifferent to this cruelty as the men when they sit down and order a pizza.

As her milk production slowed, Grace was impregnated again. Never do these
cows have sex with the bulls, and you would think that people who are obsessed with
sex would care that they are deprived. Sadly, this is not the case. We have been
brainwashed to believe that only man counts in God’s creation. I don’t think He
would agree.

But this pregnancy would be her last, and Robert could tell by her frantic bellowing
that something was terribly wrong. It was finally determined that her baby had died
in her womb. Even though her condition was precarious, the supervisor refused
to call a vet. Instead this uncaring man and his workers began to remove the dead
calf from Grace’s body even though it was not ready to deliver.

Grace screamed in pain as the workers forcefully pulled the dead calf from her body.
It was excruciating pain for her as her calf piece by piece was pulled from her body.
The next day Grace died. What a blessing for her. Cruel men could no longer abuse
and mistreat her. They could no longer determine how she would live. They could no
longer keep her in an unforgiving milk line day after day. They could no longer take
away her babies without so much as giving her some small time to love and admire
them with her maternal love and care.

Robert assures us that this horrific scene was not unusual. When I recently wrote a
letter to the Cleveland Plain Dealer re Meatless Mondays which was being adopted as
a resolution by the City of Cleveland writing that I was grateful to God for being vegan,
one commenter ridiculed this notion. The story of Grace only reaffirms my gratitude to
God, and I am grateful that there are more people like Robert who want no part of being
responsible for the horrendous mistreatment of Grace and all farm animals who suffer
so cruelly at the hands of man.