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Story ID:10027
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. USA
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By Fred Wickert

Today I heard former President Bill Clinton offer his opinion on the Obama ISIS plan. It made my blood boil. Maybe I took it more personally than the average citizen because I spent 20 years of my life in an American military uniform. I served in Korea during the Korean war and was there when the fighting ended. I served in the Vietnam War with the 355th TAC Fighter/Bomber Wing which did 85% of the bombing of North Vietnam and the Ho Chi Minh Trail. I was in Orlando, Florida with Mace and Matador Missiles for the Cuban Missile Crisis, ready to go if Hell broke loose.

All of that has a tendency to make me take things concerning our military and our national security a little personal. I have heard much discussion about what President Obama is saying about what we are going to do about ISIS. It seems to me that President Obama has bragged in speeches about how we are not going to allow ISIS to succeed and we are going to, manage them on some days and destroy them on some days and negotiate with them on other days. The only thing he can say for sure is that we, The United States are NOT going to put any boots on the ground. Nothing impresses the enemy more than telling them in advance what we are not going to do, does it?

Five of the nationís top experts in military tactics have come out and said the President is wrong. Before it is over we will have to put American boots on the ground. These men, the best we have and the most expert that we have, all say the President is wrong in his stated strategy. I can tell you that while they are saying that publicly, they have testified to it before Congress. I can also tell you there is something they are thinking, even if they are not saying it, that the President is going to get a lot of Americans killed. For what? For politics. For politics and political correctness Obama is going to get a lot of Americans killed unnecessarily. It is inexcusable.

Our greatest and best source for intelligence is enemy prisoners. Obama will not allow our people to take prisoners and interrogate them to get information. Instead he sends drones to kill them all. You canít interrogate dead people. That lack of intelligence is killing our people. His rules of engagement in Afghanistan is getting our men killed. We are losing more men there now than we did when Bush was president. When Bush was president the media had a body count every day. They made sure the American people knew how many of our people were getting killed every day. Now there are more being killed than ever before. When was the last time you found a body count in the news? It has been a long time because that information is not being released.

Today Bill Clinton was agreeing with President Obama. He said, ďOur troops canít win on the ground over there anyway, but the Iraqi troops can.Ē What a brilliant statement that was. Donít forget, this is Hillaryís husband. He is the one who will tell her what to think when she becomes President, if she gets elected. She will think the same way he does. He says our guys canít win on the ground there but the Iraquis can. Letís take a look at the Iraquis for a moment. As I recall, the Iraquis invaded and took over Kuwait. General ďStormin NormanĒ as he was fondly referred to, took command. We invaded Iraq and we freed Kuwait. We went against the Iraqui Army which had been reputed to be a formidable force. They threw down their weapons and surrendered in droves. There were so many that surrendered we could not handle them all. We did not prepare for so many prisoners.

ISIS invaded Iraq. Their army was trained by us and had American modern weapons. They took off their uniforms and ran away, leaving all that American equipment and the modern American weapons to ISIS. Really Bill Clinton? Really? They can do the job but we canít? Of course I remember Bill Clintonís military expertise. He is the one who was going to put Osama BenLaden out of business, so he sent two ICBMís over to Afghanistan to hit and destroy an aspirin factory and killing a few civilian workers. That was Bill Clintons expertise in military tactics. I will admit that if Osama had happened to have a headache and if he ent to the factory to get an aspirin, they might have actually got him.

We have a big problem with ISIS. They are a threat to the United States. They have to be destroyed. If Obama had done the right thing and left some forces in Iraq instead of pulling out completely, ISIS might not be a threat right now. Not that long ago Obama and Hillary made all the correct calls in Benghazi too, right? So much for the expertise of Obama and Clinton.

We have good military men. Probably the best in the world. They have a lifetime devoted to studying these things. They know how to get the job done with the least American losses. I say you civilians with no experience and no knowledge or expertise in these things, make the decision what is the end result wanted. Give that direction to your military chiefs. Give them whatever man power and equipment and weapons they say they need and then get the hell out of the way and let them do their job. They will do it right and with the minimum loss of American life. Keep politics and political correctness out of it. Give the military commanders the job and the people and equipment to do it with and then get out of their way. There might be heavy casualties, but they wonít be ours. The biggest problem will be for Allah when he runs out of virgins.

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