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Unbelievable Cruelty to Man's Best Friend

Story ID:10053
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
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There are so many accounts of manís cruelty to animals that one does not know
where to start writing about them. Here in the UNITED STATES in the not too
recent past, a Polish National got his hands on an innocent tiny 2 year- old pit bull
who he had adopted FREE on Craig ís List.

NEVER, NEVER offer an animal for free. If someone isnít ready to pay something
for a dog or cat, then it is a sign they donít place much value on their lives. This
cruel man Ė Radoslaw Czerkawski, 32, later stabbed her in the eye, burned her,
pulled her limbs from her joints, and sliced her tongue in half. This tyrant was
finally apprehended and faces decades in prison as heís hit with 12 counts of

His innocent victim now called PUPPY DOE had to be put down because of the
severity of her torture. The people of Boston realized the need for a law to try
to prevent this cruelty happening again and on August 25, 2014 Governor Deval
Patrick signed the ďPuppy DoeĒ law in her memory.
BULGARIA: Today I read about a little Bulgarian stray dog named Borko. A kindly
doctor who often rescued stray dogs rescued him after a man from a lynch mob
beset on killing stray dogs took a bat and savagely beat the disabled Borko. Someone
called the police, but they didnít even bother to show up.

And now because of his concern for strays, Dr. Litov and his family were being evicted
from their home. Sadly, journalists in the area incite crimes like this against good
people like Dr. Litov in promoting a war against stray dogs. Yes, there maybe a
stray epidemic, but instead of encouraging spay and neuter programs and care for
pets, the citizens are encouraged to commit horrible acts as this one.

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union which recently adopted animal protection
laws. The 2008 Animal Welfare Law forbids inhumane treatment of animals. In 2011
an amendment was added to the penal code which criminalized extreme cruelty to
animals. So why is this town in Bulgaria doing NOTHING to help Borko and allowing
the cruel perpetrators to go unpunished?

The writer of this article so aptly answers the question: ďWhile the laws may have
changed, the mentality hasnít. People in many parts of the world still, STILL, in 2013
consider animals to be disposable creatures that donít feel pain. Even worse, some
malicious people not only donít care about (this) but take pleasure in the suffering of

Iím sure most of us cannot understand this mentality. Do these people believe in a
just and loving God whose creatures they are brutalizing? Obviously not.

And law enforcement is culpable too, because they do not enforce the laws. And some
callous police even laugh at the brutality they see and feel no obligation to protect
innocent animals. Nothing is done to the cruel perpetrators as the ones who left Borko
with two broken back legs.

The good news re the eviction proceedings of the Litov family is that they were dropped.
Obviously, the judge had a good and sensitive heart as well as a just one for seeking
true justice for this compassionate family. I pray that others in this charged environ
will learn some kindness from him in this regard.

SERBIA. Another horror story for MILA- a Serbian dog who had all four of her paws and
part of her legs chopped off. Brutal and inexcusable. This seemed to be a copycat
incidence of what happened in Bulgaria earlier. MIMA was found there with 4 of her
legs brutally chopped off.

In April 2011 in Medakovic, a suburb of Belgrade, Serbia- MILA, a stray dog was found
under a car with all her 4 paws mutilated. Although suffering and in great pain and
dehydrated, she showed no signs of aggression as her rescuers removed her from
under the car.

Of this loving, gentle dog the vet observed that the cuts were quick and precise and
probably done by more than one person. This poor hungry stray was unfortunate to
come in contact with the people who savagely maimed her. The vet said her only chance
for survival would be prostheses.

Despite her terrible suffering, Mila shows a great will to live. She will be at the vet clinic
until she finds a new home. And Mila has found a friend in Serbiaís film director and
chairman of the SOS Animals Association. Goran Paskaljevi is said to be in contact with
animal protection associations in Germany and France. Hopefully, one of these countries
will manufacture the prosthetic paws for Mila. Paskaljevi in the meantime will be trying
to raise money for this purpose.

Mayor Dragan Dilas has promised that the city will also help to provide funds for the
purchase of the prosthetic paws. Mila Ė you have some wonderful friends in Belgrade!
Hope to hear one day that you have gotten those prosthetic paws and that you will find
a family worthy to care for you so that one day you will know love and caring and even
a day when you will be able to run free again on new prosthetic paws.