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I Saved a Bunny

Story ID:10090
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell ID USA
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There was a tentative knock on the door to our apartment. Ginny opened it. Our
neighbor’s son, Braden, and a little girl stood in the entrance. “Can you help us?”

“What’s wrong?” Ginny asked.

Braden pointed toward the carport. “We were playing with our bunny. It’s stuck
on the top of the car thing. Can you help us get it down?”

They handed Ginny a broom, but she couldn’t reach the lost pet, just out of sight from
the ground.

I grabbed a stepladder, took the broom from Ginny, reached high and after several
attempts, managed to knock the bunny to the ground. It was quickly scooped up by two appreciative children.

It doesn’t matter whose children they are, as adults, we help and protect them. I was
touched. They trusted us enough to knock on our door, knowing we’d help. We are people who
help others, especially children …anyone.

On that day, I saved a bunny. Although it was a stuffed one, it was an important part of a
child’s life. I watched the happy couple walk away, probably relieved they would not have to
tell their parents they’d lost their toy.

Me? I felt great – a good deed completed.

Michael T. Smith