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Story ID:10123
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All cities all states USA
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By Fred Wickert

When Barack Obama became President of the United States he gave a speech in which he declared, “We are no longer a Christian Nation.” It raised some eye brows but nobody seemed to get very upset by it. Ever since then, although he has claimed to have accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior, he has consistently shown a Muslim preference in many ways.

There has been a steady attack on all things Christian here and around the world, and in some cases he has led the attack. He canceled the National Day of Prayer on government property saying it might offend somebody. He has made speech after speech in Muslim jurisdictions, extolling the virtues of Islam and giving credit to Islam for so many things in our lives that truthfully, Islam did not have any thing to do with.

He as Commander in Chief has forbidden our military chaplains to use the name of God or of Jesus Christ in prayers in any military services. It might offend a Muslim or an atheist.

All across the country we have seen prayer forbidden in schools and public places and events. We have seen nativity scenes at Christmas time being banned and often star’s as well, whether they be the star of Bethlehem or the Star of David. It doesn’t matter. We just can’t have any starts. The ACLU, heavily funded with tax payer dollars is now heavily attacking crosses across the land and have even suggested they be removed from Arlington Cemetery.

In the Middle East and in Africa when great numbers of Christians are slaughtered and their churches destroyed, their women and children enslaved, there is no notice of it by the Obama administration. I guess it doesn’t matter. Then ISIS starts doing the same thing to Muslim’s, all of a sudden it matters a lot.

As children in school it used to be the Pledge of Allegiance was recited while facing the flag with their right hand held over their hearts. I remember as a boy in school we had a few kids who were Seventh Day Adventists. They did not want to Pledge because they were taught that was putting nation above God. They were also forbidden to see a movie. The school excused them from saying the Pledge of Allegiance and excused them from the class room whenever a film was shown. No one ever picked on them for it and all was well.

Now because an atheist or a Muslim objects to it, it is not enough to excuse them from it. It has to be removed from the schools completely.

Now political correctness has more than half the country allowing same sex marriages. Even in states where the people have voted against it, one or two Obama appointed Appeals Court Judges are overturning the wishes of the people and forcing states to allow them. So much for government of, by and for the people. The wishes of the people no longer matter.

Now the Gay agenda using political correctness and the courts are on the attack against Christians and so is the government. The government via Obama care has tried to force Christian religious organizations and churches to pay for abortion producing birth control drugs for women.

The gay agenda has been trying to force Christian people who own small businesses that cater to weddings and wedding related things to provide services to same sax marriages against their will. They object of religious grounds and do not want to be a part of something they don’t believe in.

They have forced a baker to make a wedding cake for them against his beliefs. They are forcing private wedding chapels to rent their chapels for gay weddings against their beliefs. They are forcing wedding clothing supply shops to cater to gay weddings when they don’t want to because it is against their beliefs. Now they are trying to force church pastors to perform gay weddings when it is against their religious beliefs. They are being told either do it, go out of business or get jail time.

Now in Texas a Lesbian City mayor is violating the Constitution so bad that they have issued Subpoena’s to five church pastors, demanding they turn over a copy of their sermons in advance, copies of all of their e-mails, text messages and correspondence, threatening against anything anti-gay or against their new Transgender public bathroom ordinance allowing either sex to use the same public bathrooms. Jail time is being threatened if they fail to comply. The mayor and the City Council have been legally advised against this, so they withdrew the subpoena’s, removed the sermons and then re-issued them.

While all of this has been going on, our politicians have said and done nothing. They are afraid to make waves because they might offend somebody and lose a vote or lose campaign donations. Even if they are professed Christians they are afraid to say or do anything. We the Christian people are also afraid to speak out. We had better get over our fear quickly and start doing something because it has gone unopposed for so long and has come so far that it will soon be too late.

When judgment time comes and we have not stood tall for Jesus Christ, how do we expect him to stand tall for us? He said those who participate in the Gay lifestyle will not go to Heaven. Jesus said they will die! Why then do we condone and support it? Why do we allow the government to force us to condone and participate in that which we as Christians cannot believe in? We as Christians had better get with it and do something before it has gone too far to stop it. It is dangerously close to that already!

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