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When Will It Stop?

Story ID:10124
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Petaluma California USA
Person:Nathan Runkle
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As long as I have had a personal computer (1998) until the present -there wasn’t
one morning’s view which I can recall which didn’t have an account of animal
suffering. Perhaps this is also true of human suffering, but since I feel the
incidences of animal cruelty are just overwhelming, I cannot be sure that humans
suffer more than animals, and of course, the reasons should be obvious.

So many of us take quite literally the Utility Principle of Thomas Aquinas which
states that animals are made for our use. If my church would be truly compassionate,
she would recognize that no, God made everything FIRST for His honor and glory and
then- if we need to raise and kill farm animals, it should be done with compassion.

Sadly, by now every one must know that our present system of Confined Animal Farm
Operations (CAFOs) is anything but compassionate and caring for the animals.
They are forced into battery cages, gestation grates, and stifling factory farms which
are places of terror and suffering for these innocent animals.

This morning -you may have read as I “Ducks in Despair” written by Nathan Runkle
of Mercy for Animals. In it he describes life in a Duck Factory Farm in California.
His first line is “Bloody ducks mangled in cage wire, baby birds being burned, and
workers throwing and breaking the necks of animals."

Thank God, that also this morning- because of a hidden camera of an MFA undercover
investigator, the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office raided Reichardt Duck Farm in Petaluma,
California. I pray that this will mean the end of the suffering of these poor ducks.
The camera used by the investigator revealed these atrocities:

“Baby ducklings having their sensitive bills burned with hot metal

Animals with bleeding wounds stuck in cage wire or trapped in manure pits

Ducks having their necks violently broken or throats cut

Birds being thrown, dropped, and callously carried by their heads and wings.”

Sometimes I wonder what type of person seeks employment in a CAFO as well
as if some of them come from a pool of hardened criminals. But no, they are
probably ordinary men who just never have been taught by their families or
churches that animals are God’s creatures and deserve to be treated with compassion.
Could they also be following what they believe is Aquinas’ Utilitiy Principle as well?

These poor ducks- after spending their entire lives on barren, wire mesh flooring
develop crippling leg deformities which obviously must be painful. Some of them
become trapped in cage wire and slowly suffer and die from dehydration or starvation.

The “lucky” ones who reach market weight - per MFA “...are violently shackled
upside down and run through an electrified vat of water before having their throats cut
open. Sadly, the first and only pool of water factory-farmed ducks will see is the electrified
bath as they are hanging upside down about to have their throats cut open at the

As I type this I am ashamed – deeply ashamed of:
1. The President of the US, the Congress, and the USDA. Not too many of them do
anything to stop this horror. And many of us belong in this category as well if we
also do nothing.
2. The religions of the world who seem to turn a blind’s eye to animal suffering.
3. To those who see nothing wrong in partaking of the flesh of suffering animals such
as these ducks and all the others we torture for their flesh.