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The Scooter Pie

Story ID:10126
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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The Scooter Pie
By Chuck Dishno

About 45 years ago when I was much younger, I had a photography business and did mostly pictorial church directories.

For those of you who don’t know what pictorial church directories are, we would contract with a church to take pictures of each member of the congregation by appointment along with many members of their families in studio settings.

When the proofs came back we would, by appointment, show back the proofs and have the person select a picture for the directory and then we would show the rest of the pictures of the family in various group settings. This is how we made money as the directories were printed and given to each member free of charge. It was a good business for all.

I lived in Fresno, California at the time and our team consisted of Danny, the gifted photographer, his wife Jenny and me. Danny was a real pro and had the talent to pose families in great settings which made sales much easier for Jenny and I. I took pictures too but Danny was much more talented and I usually went ahead and set up appointments

One Saturday I had an appointment to present the program to a Church of Christ in the small town of Kingsburg about 75 miles from Fresno.

I was to meet with the deacons and elders at the church and didn’t want to be late. I have always believed that promptness is a virtue and to those men, I wanted to appear as virtuous as possible.

My wife and I were separated at the time and she had the good car which left me with the old 1954 Plymouth. My Dad and I had bought the Plymouth new and when he died in 1959 I inherited it. It ran good but had about 150,000 miles on it and the drive line rattled and shook whenever you let out the clutch to shift. Also the clutch pedal scraped on the floor boards and made a horrible racket.

It was an 11 am appointment to meet with the deacons and elders of the church. It was a hot July day and since the old Plymouth didn’t have air-conditioning I was roasting by the time I got about half way there. I soon came to a small town and saw a gas station with a pop machine outside. I stopped to get a soda and next to the the pop machine was a candy and snack machine. I saw a “Scooter Pie” hanging from one of the pegs so I splurged and bought it too. A “Scooter Pie” is a chocolate covered cookie with marshmallow filling. After making my purchase, was soon on my way to my appointment. The soda was nice and cold but the Scooter Pie must have been in the sun for a long time because it was very rancid. I took one bite and then put in on the floorboard next to my briefcase with all the samples in it.

A short time later I spotted the church and drove into the long gravel driveway. As I mentioned the old Plymouth made horrible rackets that could be heard along way whenever I made a shift or turn.

As I negotiated that long driveway, I looked up there were seven or eight deacons and elders standing in the shade watching me and I’m sure, counting the scrapes and grinds. When I finally stopped and got out I was covered with sweat but being the good salesman I was grabbed the briefcase and started my trek through the gravel toward my appointment. At this point, I must tell you that I am blind in my right eye, and as I was walking toward the group I saw, out of the corner of my eye, something white. When I turned my head I saw it was the Scooter Pie stuck to the briefcase. Without missing a step I lifted my right foot extra high and with one move scraped it off. Of course, it stuck to my shoe and I then had to drag my foot the rest of the way to get rid of it. When I reached the group, no one said anything and I wasn’t about to open my mouth. We went inside where I made my pitch and closed the deal. We were all happy with the outcome and to this day,

I have never eaten another Scooter Pie. That one was enough to last a lifetime.