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Leslie Gulch

Story ID:10129
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Leslie Gulch ID USA
Person:Leslie Gulch
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Leslie Gulch

Leslie Gulch

Leslie Gulch

Leslie Gulch

Ginny and I slipped into our car. We were off to see a part of Idaho we’ve never
seen before. “I am so looking forward to this, Gin.”

“Oh! So am I.” She squeezed my hand. “This is going to be great.”

I put the car into gear and drove off to our adventure. We were headed to Leslie
Gulch, Oregon. We learned about it earlier this year. We waited until fall’s cooler air to
make the trip.

Leslie Gulch is only sixty miles west of us, but it takes two and a half hours to
get to, because the last twenty-five miles are unpaved, but surprisingly well maintained.

We drove a two-lane highway, watching for signs to Leslie Gulch. At fifty-five miles
an hour, we approached a wooden, poorly painted sign. “Leslie Gulch!”

I checked the mirror …no one behind us. I jammed on my brakes and pulled onto the dirt
road. “Here we go!” I said with glee. “Leslie Gulch, here we come.”

The first eighteen miles or so were through the desert. We drove through rolling hills,
sage brush and the occasional outcropping of rock.

The terrain changed abruptly: towering columns of rock and cliffs with hundreds of
shades of orange, red and brown. Our jaws hung open as we followed the road, barely wide
enough for two vehicles to pass.

“Say, ‘stop’, when you want to take a picture.” I said.


I did.

I pulled to the side. We both stepped from the car and stared at the amazing rock
structures around us. I never dreamed I would see such beauty. This was the stuff I only saw on
television. I pictured cowboys and cows in this gulch.

We drove on, stopping often for pictures and to gaze at the color and beauty surrounding
us. Twice I felt tears come to my eyes. The magnificent surroundings overwhelmed me.

The gulch ended at the Owyhee reservoir. We turned around and headed back the way
we came. It was all new. We saw the beauty from a new vantage point. We drove, stopped and
took pictures.

I held back tears.

The world we live has such beauty. Many don’t appreciate it. Ginny and I do.

We only have a few magical moments in our lives: the first time we fall in love, the day
we marry, the birth of our children – days we shed tears. Leslie Gulch was a moment just as

Let nature bring you to tears. Enjoy the beauty that is there for you to experience.

Michael T. Smith

Here are a few videos we took while driving through the gulch: