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Voting Intelligently

Story ID:10135
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
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Voting may be a privilege, but sadly for this voter it usually is an exercise in futility
and frustration. Why? Despite trying to become familiar with the candidates and their
platforms, I find it difficult at best. I spent the last two days researching the internet
for helps in this regard, but sadly I came away not enlightened very much.

When tackling my absentee ballot, I had to leave quite a few slots blank- though
in some instances, I might have voted straight Democrat except for one Republican
who I have known for years, and he is certainly not representative of the Republicans
I know today. I might not even have liked all the Democrats who were running, and
if I had found something I didn’t approve of, I would certainly have not voted for him
or her either.

So what’s the problem? Aside from not having enough information re the candidates,
when it came to judges – there was no party affiliation given. So, not knowing ANY
of them, I voted for NONE of them. Yes, you can leave slots blank. I checked on the
internet in this regard.

Here I am with a Masters in Education and finding the “privilege” of voting anything
but pleasurable and satisfying. Is the problem with me? I don’t think so. Instead
of us being bombarded with questionable TV ads - some extolling the “virtues” of
the candidates, while others painting unflattering and sometimes even untruthful
accounts re them, wouldn’t it be much better if we had access to written material from
each party re their candidates and platforms?

I sorely miss something like this which the League of Women Voters had put out many
years ago. I would always go to the library and pick up their materials in this regard.
Sadly, they no longer provide such a needed service. But I believe the Democrats
and Republicans should spend money in this regard instead of bombarding us with
often questionable TV ads. I think the money spent by each party on this type of booklet
which would profile their candidates and positions would help us to more intelligently
approach our voting responsibilities.

So sorry, but I find voting difficult. I think anyone who takes this responsibility seriously,
probably has some of my problems as well. And please, take a look at who we sent
to Congress recently. The 113th Congress has been called a “Do-Nothing” Congress.
I am still waiting for Republican House Speaker Boehner to introduce the SAFE ACT which
would stop the sending of our horses to Mexico and Canada for cruel slaughter. If we have
too many horses then we should be using contraceptives to keep their numbers down.
Instead, this Republican-led Congress just refuses to do anything in this regard.