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Story ID:10142
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Any city Any state USA
Person:The perpetrator
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By Fred Wickert

Today on the news repeatedly was shown a video of cat abuse that had been placed on some sort of public internet media such as Twitter or Face Book. It was placed there by the abuser himself. Obviously he did not film the video so he had someone else do it for him and he obviously planned to do what he did in advance.

The video shows a young man coaxing a cat to him. When the cat came to him he petted it and scratched it for a minute or so and the cat was obviously enjoying it greatly. Suddenly the young man stopped petting the cat and kicked it with his right foot. The cat sailed some twenty feet through the air high enough to clear the top of a fence with room to spare. The cat came down with all four legs spread out and landed in some bushes.

The news commentator reported that the cat was taken by someone to a vet. The cat required treatment for his injuries from the ordeal, which turned out to be some serious bruising and some minor scratches. It was then taken to an animal shelter and has since been adopted.

The young man who kicked the cat so ruthlessly and put the video on the internet obviously thought it was funny. Why else preplan such a thing carefully enough to have someone at the ready with a video camera and then post it on the internet for all to see?

The commentator explained the video had gone viral and that animal rights advocates were bringing great pressure on the authorities to do something about it. He said the perpetrator had been arrested and was going to be charged for it. He commented further that the young man could go to jail for up to a year. He mentioned someone had pointed out that if it were a human being kicked like that it would be no big deal and nothing much would happen to the perpetrator. He was implying that the punishment was too harsh because after all, it was just a cat.

For the person the commentator was quoting, even if it was himself because he was not too clear about just who had said that, I have some things to say to you.

You are wrong to believe that if it were a human rather than a cat, nothing much would be done about it. Stop for a moment and think about the size of the young man and the size of that cat. If the human being kicked like that was the same size as that cat, the human would have to have been a tiny infant. Thatís right, to make things equal when comparing the two, you must take size in to consideration. Do you really believe if he did it to an infant the public would not want his head? You better believe they would. It would be the trial of the century when he went to trial. Donít try to belittle it because it is far from being a little thing.

I was a police officer for twenty five years and during that time I handled personally or was closely connected to many cases of child abuse or woman beating. I can tell you that in every case, if the personal history of the perpetrator was known, there was a history of animal abuse. In other words those who abuse or beat women and children started out abusing animals and graduated to beating children and women!

Anyone who takes it lightly when abuse is committed against animals had better wise up because chances are very likely the same person is going to eventually graduate in to beating women and children.

There have been many cases of people who become serial killers of women or girls. Usually there is rape and torture involved in addition to the murder. People like Ted Bundy for example. In every one of these cases when they catch them and learn about their background, the perpetrator as a young boy did horrible things to animals.

It is extremely wrong to dismiss these cases as unimportant. They are extremely important because if it is not stopped in its tracks with the animal abuse, it will become abuse with humans and maybe even become serial killers. I know, I know that not every person who abuses animals becomes another Ted Bundy, but even one is too many and some of them do.

With every case like this a psychiatric evaluation and counseling should be ordered by the court. Any sentence of a person found guilty should require such evaluation and treatment as a part of the sentence. It really is deadly serious business and society has never awakened to that fact. They had better do so if they want to save lives and prevent the abuse of women and children.

Finally, for those who believe in the words in the Bible, they should understand that from Noah on, God gave humans the right to use animals and to eat flesh once all the blood was drained out of it and covered with dust. At the same time, and this is very important, at the same time God admonished that animals, though they could be used if necessary, they were NOT to be mistreated in any way! Animal abuse is not merely a violation of manís law, IT IS A VIOLATION OF GODS LAW!

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