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Story ID:10158
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Ferguson Mosourri USA
Person:Al Sharpton
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By Fred Wickert

I keep asking myself, Why? A youth on drugs robbed a convenience store. He was 18 years old, but at the same time he was around 300 lbs and six foot four or thereabouts. I don’t recall the actual height but tall enough to be intimidating. He had an attitude and when the store clerk tried to stop him he picked the guy up and flung him like he had been no more than a sack of potatoes.

A short time later he reached inside the window of a police car, punched the cop in the face severely enough to break bones, and then tried to take his gun from him. A shot was fired in the car during the struggle for the gun and he left the car. Later, he started to charge the car again and he got shot to death.

Because the cop was white and the boy was black, the black people created a ruckus. The news media was full of it. President Obama commented on it. Erick Holder, U.S. Attorney General went there. Al Sharpton rushed right down there to stir up the black folks. In another town a black cop shot a white youth to death. The circumstances seemed far less justified than the white cop in Ferguson. Did you ever hear about it? Probably not. I subscribe to a number of news outlets on the internet. If I did not, I might never have known about it.

Also around the same time of the Trevor Martin case, which Obama and Holder also were activated over and which the entire nation heard about, a black man near Buffalo, New York shot and killed a white youth. He found three white teens trying to steal some equipment from his car. He confronted them and told them to stop it. One of them went for him and he shot and killed him. The news around Buffalo, NY reported it, but no one around the rest of the country heard about it.

In both the Trevor Martin case and in the Brown case in Ferguson, Obama, Holder and Al Sharpton and others all want to crucify the shooter without taking the trouble to ascertain the facts in the case. The shooter was white and the deceased was black and that is all they need to know. To them the shooter is guilty no matter what. The facts are irrelevant. On the other hand, a black shooter kills a white youth, who cares?

I for one am sick and tired of it. The people who live in Ferguson are gripped with fear right now. Schools, businesses, social functions of all kinds are closed or postponed. The governor declared a state of emergency and the police are setting up barricades and road blocks. People, forty and fifty in number are causing trouble every night in anticipation of the Grand Jury decision. The black people around the country have signaled that they are not going to accept anything less than an indictment, even if the cop is completely innocent.

He killed a black youth and he has to pay. Guilt or innocence is irrelevant! Al Sharpton has announced he will be there leading demonstrations either way, whether or not there is an indictment doesn’t matter.

There are groups of black trouble makers that have been holding training sessions on how to disrupt everything, and how to distract the police in one place while they destroy property in other places.

In the name of God, I ask WHY?”

The boy’s father is publicly begging them not to do this. Many black religious leaders have asked them not to do this. The rhetoric of Sharpton and Holder has been asking for justice. At the same time they are adamant that they will not accept justice unless they lynch the white cop and make lots of concessions to the black people.

I don’t know about you, but I never learned that to be within the definition of justice. That sounds more like revenge and extortion to me. When I hear the speeches these people make as they are firing up the crowds they use the words that they are seeking justice, fairness and equality, but the truth is, the things they are demanding over and over are not justice, fairness and equality. What they really are struggling for is revenge, not justice; payoffs, not fairness; and extra privilege, not equality.

They are out to extort the whites in the town. They want them to build black community centers and such. Justice is not what is on their minds at all.

It used to be that black people wanted an end to discrimination and an end to segregation. They fought hard to stop segregation. The truth is that, though they will never say it, they seek segregation. Just look around. What do you see?

Black Miss USA, BET –Black Entertainment Television, Negro College Fund, NAACP, Black Universities. Black this and Black that. They are segregating themselves. Whites are not responsible for the segregation. There was a time in our past that they were, but not anymore.

I am always hearing the word “RACIST” being tossed about. Anybody who does not agree with Obama now is branded a racist. This is dead wrong. In my opinion the real racists in this country for the most part, are the black people who use that kind of ploy to settle every disagreement rather than discuss them pro and con.

Race relations came a long way in this country. Unfortunately, blacks being led by people like Obama, Holder, Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are doing everything they can to destroy good race relations in this country, and it is all being done for personal political power, and money. It is a terrible tragedy. It will only stop if and when black people wake up and see they are being used for personal and political gain. Sadly, those blacks who do see through it and legitimately make something of themselves are ridiculed by the others and called Uncle Toms, whatever that means. I doubt if they know themselves.

Meanwhile good and decent innocent people will suffer and pay a heavy price for it. Many already have and many more will. Many of them will be black citizens of Ferguson, Mo. Who want no part of it at all. The entire country will suffer and pay for it in ways we have not yet begun to think of, all for the political and monetary gain for a few. Black people, we whites are not the cause of your problems. A few of your leaders are, and your own moral decay is. Put the blame where it belongs.

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