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Story ID:10159
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Tokyo Honshu Japan
Person:Mrs Medo
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By Fred Wickert

When I was stationed in Tokyo Japan in the fifties, I was dating a girl I eventually married. Her home was in Osaka but she was living and working in Tokyo. She roomed with a Japanese family. The family consisted of husband and wife and three daughters. Two of the girls were in high school and the third was in elementary school.

Tae, my girlfriend had a room in the front of the house. As one comes in the front entrance there is a step up from ground level to a polished wood floor. Taeís room was to the left and there was another room to the right. That room was rented to another working girl.

From there the hall way proceeded to the rear of the house. On the right was the bath room. As you entered the bath room door there was another door to the left. The bathroom door led to a sink and commode. The door to the left had a step down and there was a Japanese style wooden bath tub.

To the left across the hall from the bathroom door was the wall to the family quarters and at the end of the hall was the kitchen. After turning left at the kitchen one came upon the doors leading to the family rooms.

The bath rooms and the kitchen were shared by all. The family used them of course, and the two girls that rented rooms there also had use of them and there never seemed to be any conflict.

One night I was visiting Tae at the house. She had an electric coffee pot in her room but the water was in the kitchen. We decided we wanted to have some coffee so she asked if I could get the pot filled with water in the kitchen. Of course I was more than willing to get the water for her.

Unknown to us, the mother was in the bathroom taking a bath. I left Taeís room. Went to the kitchen sink, filled the coffee pot with cold water and was on my way back to her room.

Suddenly the door of the bathroom slid open and out popped the mother of the family as naked as a jay bird. She took about two steps in to the hallway and saw me coming. I froze in my tracks, not knowing what to do. The mother wasted no time getting back in to the bathroom and shutting the door with an embarrassed giggle as she went.

I proceeded back to Taeís room with coffee pot in hand. When I arrived I told Tae what had just happened. I had also gotten a good eyeful and I was really impressed.

Mrs Medo always wore baggy pants and sweater type top around the house. I had never seen her dressed in any other way. It was difficult seeing her with her clothes on to get any idea about her figure. On top of the baggy clothes she always wore, was always the inevitable apron.

Mrs Medo was a woman fifty years old. I was expecting to see some sagging and some wrinkles but there were none. Her body was very attractive, very firm and wrinkle free. In short, it was looking good! I of course told Tae all about that. It was some time later, I learned Japanese ladies generally at age sixty five still have the body of a virgin. They do not deteriorate for some reason, and Mrs Medo was no exception. Her face showed her age but her body did not.

The following week I went back to the house to pick up Tae for a date. When I got there she informed me that Mr. Medo wished to see me. She was coming along to act as interpreter. Instantly I had misgivings. The last time I was here I accidentally saw his wife naked. Now he wants to see me. I was hoping he didnít have a samurai sword by his side. There was nothing to do other than to go in his living quarters and face him.

As I walked in the room I saw he was sitting on the floor Japanese style. He bowed, smiled and motioned for me to take a seat facing him. I started to relax, believing the bow and smile to be a good sign. As soon as I sat down facing him, his wife placed a small table between us. Then she placed two small glasses and a bottle of plum wine on the table and she went over by the wall and sat down. Tae was seated on the floor between his wife and I.

He began to speak and Tae acted as interpreter. He informed me that he was aware I had seen his wife in a compromising fashion. He went on to say that he had been told about my remarks regarding the condition of his wifeís body. He was greatly pleased that I found his wifeís appearance so well preserved and cared for. He was very proud of my opinion of his wifeís body and wished to offer me a drink with him in honor of the occasion.

I donít think I have ever been so pleased to have a drink with someone before or since. That Japanese plum wine was excellent. After we finished the first drink he refilled the glasses. Then he proposed a toast to eternal friendship. After we drank to that he politely dismissed me and allowed me to be on my way.

I canít really say what I might expect if that had happened with an American wife, but somehow I doubt an American husband is likely to treat it quite so kindly. I have to say with that at least, I prefer the Japanese way.

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