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Story ID:10162
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Ferguson Mosourri USA
Person:Michael Brown
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By Fred Wickert

Yesterday the prosecutor in Ferguson released the results of the Grand Jury in the Michael Brown case. He did it at the close of business for the day with a press conference. He released the evidence that had been considered and explained some of it at length. He went to a lot of trouble to describe the findings of the autopsies and how they proved or disproved some of the conflicting testimony. The result was a NO Bill on the five separate possible charges that could be made against the police officer.

As expected, there was a big uproar over it. Many different people disagreed with the verdict. It was not what they wanted and therefore, according to them, the system is flawed and needs to be changed.

A crowd of people who had been poised to go into action for a few days now, did in fact go in to action. They began throwing rocks and bottles at police. They threw a garbage can through the plate glass front of a store. They rushed in to the store, looted everything in sight and then set the place on fire. That was the first of many. Before it was over with they had burned down 25 places of business. They had tipped over and burned a number of police vehicles.

The fire department came and tried to put out the fires and gun shots were fired. Some believed the shots were at firemen to try to stop them from trying to put out the fires.

The father of Michael Brown pleaded with people not to do this, while the mother and step father were caught on video screaming at the crowd to, ďBurn the @#**/@ place down.Ē The crowd listened to the mother and step Father.

The family attorney and Al Sharpton have been telling everyone who will listen that the prosecutor was biased, that the Grand jury session was faulty and that there should have been a special prosecutor. To them the Grand Jury was irrelevant.

All night long and all day long I have heard one person after another come on television and say the system needs to be changed. They all say, including the prosecutor, that there has to be a coming together of the police and the black community for better relations, etc.

Al Sharpton was making a speech today in which he said never before had he heard of a prosecutor having a news conference to criticize the victim, referring to the remarks of the prosecutor as he explained the string of events as they took place leading up to the shooting.

Well Al Sharpton, maybe that is because the victim is not usually a felon who just committed a strong arm robbery and then assaulted a police officer in his car and tried to take his gun from him. Had he succeeded most likely the police officer was to have been the victim.

In answer to all those learned authorities who have law degrees and psychological degrees, politicians and other celebrities in general, I have to say you are all full of baloney! You are all wet! You are wrong and you have been misguided by political correctness for much too long. You cannot see the forest for the trees.

I say this as a man who wore that police badge for 25 years. I know something about what it is like to be a police officer. Most of you do not. I say this also as a man who lost and buried a 25 year old boy! I know that pain and I know it never goes away. It has been more than 30 years ago and the pain is still extremely raw.

You are all missing the boat because it is not those things you are suggesting that is going to make the difference. What will make the difference is for parents and school teachers and any other kind of adult or near adult who has influence, is to teach kids right from wrong. You teach them to obey people in positions of authority. You teach them it is wrong to lie, cheat, steal, hit people, threaten people, use buy or sell illicit drugs. You donít teach them to hate white people and blame them for all your problems. You teach them to treat all people equal. You teach them to respect their elders. You teach them not to smoke, not to join gangs or hang out with bad people. You teach them to work for a living and not to constantly have their hand out.

You teach them there are consequences to their actions. You teach them to take responsibility for their actions. You do not teach them it is okay for sister to have seven kids, each with a different man so they can get more food stamps and a bigger welfare check. You teach them it is not cool to father 20 kids and not support or raise any of them.

You teach them not to quit school. Teach them to stay in school and get as much education as they can get because it leads to better jobs and higher pay when they are an adult. Teach them it is that, not Affirmative action that will get them somewhere.

Teach them too, that they have to comply with orders from police officers. Police officers are not there to make life miserable for black people. They are not there for black people to defy or ignore or give the finger to either. Black people have to comply just as much as any other people.

When people start teaching their kids that way the rest will take care of itself. The world is not out to cheat black people. Justice in our system is the same regardless of the color of oneís skin. We do not need endless meetings and programs and committees. That will just be a waste of time and money.

The majority of people in prison being black is not because the cops hate black people. It is because black people commit most of the crime. Black people do not have a higher unemployment rate than white people because of racism. Black people have a higher unemployment rate because of a lack of qualifications. It is because they donít have the education required for the job. They also have to be willing to have some respect at job interviews. You donít go for a job interview dressed in rumpled pants that look like you slept in them and hanging down so the crack of your butt is sticking out. They are expected to remove their hat that they are wearing backwards and chin whiskers with ear rings in your nose and lip donít help either. It is best to show up to a job interview wearing a pressed shirt instead of a hoodie.

When they get a job it is easier to keep the job if they show up on time, if they have a cheerful attitude when told to do something rather than a sullen one. It is not that a black with the right education and the right looks and attitude canít get a job and it is not that a black person canít get a promotion if they work hard and do a good job. We have had a black man and a black woman become Secretary of State. We have black Senators and Congressman, governors and mayors and college professors. We have more and more company CEOís who are black than ever before. We have had black cabinet members and now we have a black president and a black attorney general. We have black doctors and lawyers and judges.

If it were true that blacks cannot get ahead, how come we have all of these people in all of those positions? It just is not true. It is a big cop out. The black people who made it got there because they worked at it just like everybody else. Nobody handed it to them on a silver platter.

That is how there will be a difference. That is how black people will get ahead. That is how the white and black community will get along together and work together and that is how police and the law will get along better with black people. They will not get it by sitting around crying woe is me, everybody is racist and blacks canít get a fair shake so letís burn down some buildings and a few police cars to show them.

There are three big steps as I see it towards success for the black people of this country to get the justice they seek.

1. Parents start being there and raising your kids. Teach them right from wrong.
2. Get rid of political correctness. Get real. Political correctness is a phony world.
3. Start taking responsibility for your own actions. Own up to your own faults, mistakes and short comings.

I did not make it a part of the list but more important than the rest of it is start having a good relationship with the church and pastor of your choice. Nothing will ever do as much for you as faith and trust in God. Get right with God and you will be amazed how much easier and more enjoyable life will be.

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