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Story ID:10169
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Ballston Spa New York USA
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Sheila invited me to join her family for Thanksgiving Dinner and I accepted her invitation. Sheila is my niece. She has two daughters who were both there with their husbands. One of them has a delightful ten year old daughter and she was there. Sheila's husband of course was there. The parents of each daughter's husband were there and Sheila's father with his new bride (They are in their 80's)were there and I was there. Two other important family members were there also. They were Sheila's dog and her youngest daughters dog.They are both beautiful, loving and extremely well behaved dogs.

Sheila's oldest daughter has a ten year old daughter named Melena. Melena is amazing! She has written a story and a poem. Her teacher entered her poem in county wide competition and it won. Based on the win, it then became eligible to be published in a book of poems.

Melena belongs to a drama club at school and has been practicing to try out for a Les Miserab (Unsure of spelling)role. She sang two numbers from that Broadway hit for us She did a wonderful job. I am sure she will win the role.

At the completion of dinner and while we were waiting for desert to be served Melena read something for us she had written herself and then gave a copy to each one of us.

I talked to her about Ourecho. From time to time in the past a child has joined Ourecho and posted a few stories or daily Dairy entries they had written. I always encouraged them and I tried to convince Melena to join and post her efforts on Ourecho. I hope she will try us. I have always wished more youthful members might swell our ranks a little. If she does give us a try, I hope you will encourage her.

I want to share with you the piece she wrote and shared with us for Thanksgiving Day:


Sometimes people shut you out. You could be ashamed by you and only you, just not to be who you really are. But no matter what, you are you.

My Mom and Dad are key in my life. My Mom made me possible and without her I wouldn't even be typing this. My Mom is Mrs. Tidy at the house and that's good!! If she wasn't so clean my life would be a wreck. By helping me with my room it's a breeze. On the other hand my Dad is super funny. I'm glad for that for when I am feeling down, he fills me up!

The second thing I am thankful for is my home. It gives me shelter to sleep in. I have the best of parties with my family and friends but most of all, Hey!! It's home!

Last of all I am thankful for me!! With me I am anything I want to be. I love my attitude (helping me stand up to other people), my singing (hoping to be a pop star), and affection in my family (to be loving in hope in all).

I love my family, my life and me!

I thought for a ten year old that was pretty cool.

After the dinner was over and the ladies had cleared the table many went to watch football on TV but my niece Sheila, her youngest daughter Britta and myself along with the two dogs and the newly weds, stayed in the dining area for some talk of family things. As can be seen from the photos, the dogs were willing participants in the conversation and added to the pleasure of the evening.

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