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Deja Vu in a Wisconsin Primate Center

Story ID:10174
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Madison Wisconsin USA
Person:Dr, Ruth Decker
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Today at the Dollar Store where I went to buy cough drops, I looked a bit
bewildered at the different kinds in the display. The cashier was nearby and
offered to help. She thought I would like the ones with honey. How wrong
she was. I told her no -that I was vegan. Her next choice was for the herbal
ones. Bingo! Yes, I told her- those would be fine.

She asked me how long I was vegan. I said since 1983. Then she observed
that I must be among the early ones. Perhaps she was right, and though she
probably was too busy ringing up my purchases, I mentioned that I became
vegan on a bus to Madison, Wisconsin to protest the cruel primate center

Not only would I protest the terrible abusive practices involving baby monkeys
who would be separated from their moms shortly after birth for the very
asinine deprivation studies, but I would that very same day learn something
which would change my life quite dramatically.

Seated near me was a man who asked me if I liked cheese. Yes, I said I did.
Did I know that cheeses were made from an enzyme from the stomachs of
either calves or pigs? Wow! that revelation felt like a punch to my stomach.
Needless to say, I became VEGAN from that moment on, and I never looked back.


When I got home from church and turned on the computer- there to my chagrin
was this title – “University of Wisconsin: Cancel the Unethical Torture and
Killing of Baby Monkeys!” Unbelievable. Thirty- one years ago the National
Institutes of Health was bank rolling research on defenseless little baby monkeys
for deprivation studies, and this same National Institute of Health was also probably
about to give a lucrative grant again to researchers for a study which made no sense

Of course, baby monkeys will feel deprived -hugging a prickly rug-covered board
of some kind in lieu of their living mothers. And please remember – that it is our
taxes which is funding unnecessary cruelty like this. Didn’t they learn anything THIRTY-
ONE YEARS ago when we were there to protest such needless and cruel experimentation?

But sadly- what might happen today in this primate center will even be more cruel.
Dr. Ruth Decker who is an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School
of Medicine wrote that she was horrified to learn that her alma mater plans to conduct
highly controversial and cruel experiments which will torture and kill baby monkeys.
She wrote:

“The experiments, led by Dr. Ned Kalin, will take newborn rhesus macaque monkeys
away from their mothers (who have been restrained or drugged against their will while
their baby is removed). The defenseless baby monkeys are then sent to solitary
confinement—where they are terrorized and exposed to anxiety-inducing stressors
including live snakes, painful skin-punch biopsies, and stressful brain scans. After
this relentless torture, they are killed before the age of two.“

I could not help thinking of the cruel Nazi doctors who exposed humans to terrible
research cruelty. Human or animal – both should not suffer for cruel research projects.

Dr. Decker asked us to join her in condemning this cruel research and to sign her
petition which demands that the University of Wisconsin cancel these horrific
experiments which would only lead to the needless torture and killing of defenseless
baby monkeys.

Thankfully, her petition has already garnered 300,000 signatures. Somehow, I feel
this time around there is hope that this cruel deprivation study on defenseless baby
monkeys will not go forward. Also, this time around -the baby monkeys have the strong,
maternal and caring voice of Dr. Ruth Decker as well as the signatures of 300,000
caring people. Hopefully, this will be enough to derail this cruel research – once and
for all.