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Story ID:10175
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washimgton DC USA
Person:Black Leaders
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By Fred Wickert

A few weeks ago in Ferguson, Mo. An 18 year old black youth robbed a convenience store. He was six foot three and weighed just shy of 300 lbs. When the store clerk told him he had to pay for the merchandise he had, he picked up the clerk and threw him bodily against the wall. He was accompanied by another young man. This guy had been dealt with several times by the police. They knew him to be a chronic liar. He didn’t even tell them his name truthfully.

Minutes later the two were walking down the middle of the street. A white officer came by and saw them. He also received a call about the robbery and a description of the suspects. He stopped his patrol car, rolled down the window and told them they needed to get out of the street. The youth confronted him and defied him. He started to open the door and the youth attacked him through the window. He punched the officer in the face hard enough to break a bone near the eye socket. He reached inside and tried to take the officer’s gun.

In the struggle the gun went off and shot the youth in the thumb. The youth broke off the attack and took off a short distance. The officer got out of his car after calling for back up. The youth stopped and came back. The officer told him to stop and he did not. The officer then fired his gun a few times. Some of the bullets hit the youth and some missed. The youth stopped momentarily and the officer stopped shooting. Then the youth lowered his head and charged the officer. The officer fired some more. This time one of the shots hit him in the head and it was fatal.

The youth with him right away claimed he was running away and the officer shot him in the back. That the youth then stopped, turned around and put his hands in the air and said, “Don’t shoot,” and that the officer then shot him in the head.

Later there was other testimony by six different black witnesses, each telling exactly the same story the officer told, and all of the autopsy evidence and the forensic evidence proved the officer and the six black witnesses were all telling the truth.

To President Obama, to Erick Holder, to Al Sharpton, to Jesse Jackson, to the head of the NAACP, to the leader of the New Black Panthers, to the Reverend Wright, Obama’s former pastor in Chicago who says “God damn America,” to Juan Williams of FOX news and Radio Talk Show host Alan Colmes, (To whom neither Barack Obama nor any other Democrat ever told a lie or ever made a mistake or was ever wrong.) and the head of Black Muslims in the USA and all the members of the black caucus in Congress, all of that evidence exonerating the white police officer, and the Grand Jury refusal to indict on any of five possible counts, is totally irrelevant. To thousands of black demonstrators and looters and building burners it seems it is also irrelevant.

Black mobs in Ferguson who were smashing store fronts, burning the stores, burning police cars, shooting, throwing Molotov cocktails, heard Barack Obama, the President of the United States go on national TV and tell them, violence and destroying buildings is not called for. Then in the next breath he told them, “Stay the course. Stay the course.” Obama sent three people from the White House Staff to the funeral of the black 18 year old thug. They called him a victim. Eric Holder announced the Justice Department is going to have their own autopsy, which they did, and their own investigation and probably their own Grand Jury against the white cop for civil rights violations. I guess it is a civil rights violation now if you are white and defend yourself against a black attacker. You are supposed to just lie down and die and not fight for your life.

Sunday Black football players for the St. Lois Rams came out for the game with their arms in the air signifying “Don’t shoot.” Al Sharpton in Ferguson as he whips up the crowds to go out and do violence said repeatedly and got the crowd chanting, “No justice, no peace.” I believe justice to them will mean lynching an innocent white police officer.

Today in Congress the members of the Black Caucus came to the floor in chambers. One by one they rose to the microphone and said with their hands in the air, “Don’t shoot. No justice, no peace.” It is my humble opinion that Obama, Holder, and every one of those members of the Black Caucus who raised their right hands and swore the oath, “To protect, defend and obey the Constitution of the United States of America,” be impeached from office on grounds they have violated their oath of office. Of course it isn’t going to happen. They won’t even be censured. Political Correctness these days won’t allow it. These days, criminal conduct in office is acceptable – especially if you are black.

Now the president and that other bunch who were part of the Kabuki show in Washington today, wants the United States to spend $500 million to train police departments all over the nation to be more nice to blacks and to discontinue race profiling which they have determined is secretly going on. They also want to spend another $26 million to pin a video camera on every cop in the country.

All over the country in major cities there are demonstration mobs protesting and chanting, “No justice, no peace.” These are well organized and there have been training sessions to train the leaders what to do. They have been strategically disrupting traffic and causing maximum inconvenience everywhere they go. Al Sharpton said on TV before the Grand Jury’s decision was handed down that it did not matter what the decision was because they were going to demonstrate anyway. It is no ordinary protest over a youth being shot. That was just an excuse. Obama, Holder and Sharpton have had at least 18 meetings together at the White House. Al Sharpton is the advisor to the president on race relations and other matters, including who to appoint as the next Attorney General.

If you were the President, would you choose Al Sharpton to be your advisor on anything? Not many would.

Today in a town neighboring Ferguson a white man, his wife and his aunt were starting out somewhere in their car. Three youths 17 and 18 years old, two black and one Hispanic jumped on the trunk of the car and pounded on it. The driver, an immigrant from Bosnia, got out of the car to see what was going on. The three youths beat him about his face and head with a hammer. When he fell to the street unconscious they gave him a couple more taps on the head for good measure and then ran away. Two of them have been caught and police are still looking for the third. The Police Chief in that town says the incident is not related to Ferguson. Oh really? Chief, I have a couple of bridges I want to sell. Could you be interested? The victim died from his injuries.

This life was that of a white man taken by blacks. Will there be any outrage about that? You know there won’t. Blacks killed a white so justice is not important. Maybe we need a legal defense fund for them.

A few weeks ago a little five year old black girl was killed by two blacks in a drive by shooting. Where is the outrage over that one? Doesn’t an innocent five year old girl matter? Well, I guess not since it was not a white that killed her. If the shooter was white we could see the country burning by now, but since the blacks did it, somehow it was probably the white folks fault because they got all the jobs or something.

I know a lot of black people have come forward and have talked common sense. Some black pastors have done it. Some responsible black people of fame have done it. Charles Barkley has done it. There are some who have used their heads and done the right thing. I applaud those people. They are not the ones I am talking to.

There is another group I feel so sorry for and my heart is breaking for those guys. I served 20 years in the Air Force. Most of my last half of my career was spent in Presidential Security at Andrews Air Force Base. There were a lot of black people in our outfit. Some of them I worked with and later as a supervisor, others worked for me. Some of those guys were the finest people you could ever meet. They were my friends and they were people I admired greatly. When I was ready to retire there were a few of them that I had given New York State Road maps with my address and the place I lived marked on the map. I told them if they ever came my way to stop and visit me.

These men are all gone now as I am. We are all retired but I am certain there are more who are there now. I know those men and the whites they work with and for are close friends. I know they know who is right and who is wrong. I know they will have no part of going against the whites over this. There is a problem that I know is giving them great pain. They live in the black community with black people. They cannot speak out because they will bring down their neighbors on them. They cannot tell their children not to believe others and they are wrong. If they do they will put their children in jeopardy. They cannot risk having their children get beat up at school. They are going to be in a terrible position and my heart goes out to them.

Cameras for police is perhaps a good idea. I believe there will be some claims of photo shopping though. Even then, if the camera shows the cop was in the right, some will say they were wrong anyway. They just won’t be satisfied. A half a billion dollars for training police is baloney and a total waste of money. It will be a fruitless case of trying to teach police political correctness and it will be meaningless. It will be a total waste of money and I hope it doesn’t happen.

It will be far better spent to teach blacks that when a cop orders them to stop they should do it. Teach blacks they should obey the law and not do as they please. To stop having kids out of wedlock and have the kids raised by both parents. To keep their kids in school until they graduate. To stay away from drugs and gangs. To try to work for a living and not have their hand out for welfare and food stamps. There is some training that might do some good.

The movement to have better race relations has been going on since Martin Luther King and he accomplished tremendous strides. Over the years I have seen it get better and better. I am old enough that I witnessed segregation and did what I could against it. I am greatly saddened by what has happened since we finally got a black president. Obama has had a war of the poor against the wealthy. The middle class against the rich. A war against women and a war against Mexicans and a war between white and black. He has used race as a weapon and as a tool and all who disagree with him about anything are branded a racist by him or a compliant media. Since he took office he has tried to pit every faction of America against one or more other factions.

Obama has turned race relations in this country back at least 30 years. Martin Luther King, if he knew, would weep heavily. The Lord God Jehovah and the Lord Jesus Christ do know and they are weeping too. Satan is smiling. I suggest you keep that in mind!

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