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Story ID:10176
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:New York City New York USA
Person:Eric Garner
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By Fred Wickert

People are being deliberately led to believe what is not! The Eric Garner case in Staten Island in NYC is being misrepresented as was the Brown case in Ferguson. They are being used for a purpose not clear to me. Something is going on that the Administration is going to extreme lengths to hide from the public or the American People.

I donít know what it is but my instincts tell me it is so. Obama and Eric Holder have teamed up with Al Sharpton to make sure they have our undivided attention with these cases, The mayor of NYC has now joined in with his phony statement about this case being racial bias going back centuries. What a crock of bull that is. But he is a crony of Obama. Letís not forget NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo who has immediately jumped on the band wagon saying NYS will have all their police officers in the state retrained and to furnish them with individual video cameras.

To begin with there was a lot of false information about the Michael Brown case. There was false testimony that he was shot in the back and that he had his arms in the air saying donít shoot. The man who first gave that testimony is the guy who was with him. A guy who has a criminal record and part of his record is that he is a liar and always lies to the police. It is his testimony the president, the Attorney General, the Congressional Black Caucus, Reverend Wright, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, the New Black Panthers and Al Sharpton choose to believe. Other eye witness testimony from the police officer, six black witnesses, the autopsies and the forensic evidence at the scene all prove that to be false testimony, but it doesnít matter. They all refuse to believe any of that because it does not suit their purpose.

Now we have added to the Michael Brown case, the Eric Garner case from NYC. The truth is irrelevant in that case as well. We are being told an officer took him down with a choke hold. We are being led to believe that he died there on the sidewalk as a result of that choke hold, implying in part that he was choked. As proof of that they emphasize over and over again that after being taken down he repeatedly said he couldnít breathe, or to quote him exactly, he said repeatedly, ďI canít breathe. I canít breathe.Ē It is implied that the officer took him down with a choke hold for no reason at all. That it was not necessary and that after all, he was only selling single cigarettes for a buck apiece.

The truth is that this man had been arrested 31 times. He had a felony conviction on his record. Nine of his previous arrests were for the same thing he was doing that day Ė selling single cigarettes. As a matter of fact, he was at that time on probation for selling single cigarettes.

Normally this is a minor violation for which an appearance ticket could be given. In this case he was selling cigarettes cheaply without tax in an area where several legitimate businesses sold cigarettes. The shop keepers had called the police and complained and asked to have him removed from their location. Because he was on probation for the same offense and because he was in violation of probation, a bit stronger offense than merely selling the cigarettes without tax he had to be arrested.

The police approached him and told him he was under arrest. He had been arrested 31 times before. He knew the drill. He knew how he was supposed to behave. Instead, he said no. Not this time. Leave me alone, Iím not going. That also is on the tape, if the media you saw it on showed you the whole thing. Many did not. Many only showed you the part they wanted you to see.

When the police officer reached for his hand to place him in hand cuffs he flailed his arms, slapped the policemanís hands away and said, ďDonít touch me.Ē He did it more than once. That is resisting arrest. Other officers at that time closed in to assist. The cop trying to make the arrest was towered over by the man. Garner was a big fellow. One of the cops got a takedown hold on him from behind and took him down with others holding on to him to break the fall so he wouldnít get hurt. This is being called a choke hold but it was not a choke hold.

This is a standard hold taught to police officers universally. My 25 years as a policeman began in the United States Air Force at Parks Air Force Base in California. I first learned it there. I attended a Municipal Police Officers Academy many years later in Colonie, New York and they were teaching the same hold then. The hold does not choke. It is not intended to choke. In some instances it has been known to cause choking. Even if it had caused choking, which in the Garner case it did not, it could only have lasted for seconds. It was used to take the man down from a standing position to the ground. Once on the ground the hold is broken and if there was any choking, it has to end immediately. In this case there was no choking.

Again I point out much weight is given to Garner saying after he was on the ground that he couldnít breathe. The hold was already broken and removed when he said that. The hold had nothing at all to do with his not being able to breathe. That was caused by his health condition and the exertion of his resisting the police officers. It had absolutely nothing to do with the hold itself.

If he was choking it would not have been physically possible for him to have said over and over that he couldnít breathe. I heard the tape. He said it with a strong voice. You cannot do that if you are being choked. Also bear in mind that the autopsy report specifically stated there was no damage to the wind pipe. A choke hold squeezes the wind pipe shut. If there had been a choke hold used there had to be damage, if only bruising, to the wind pipe and the autopsy report said there was none.

The rest of the story that is not being reported and that if it is, nobody is listening to, is that because of his saying he couldnít breathe an ambulance was called. He was picked up by an ambulance and was being transported to the emergency room. It is during the ambulance ride that he suffered a cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at the hospital. In other words he had a heart attack on the way to the hospital and died. He did not die on the sidewalk at the hands of the police as people are being led to believe!

It is now known that Eric Garner had severe asthma, hypertension, heart disease, sleep apnea and was obese. In other words, any little excitement or exertion of any kind could have caused him to die of a heart attack at any time.

He knew he was doing something against the law. He knew arrest procedures. He had gone through them many times before. For some crazy reason he decided that this time he was not going to allow himself to be arrested and he resisted.


All of them, President Obama, Erick Holder, Al Sharpton and the rest all know this, but they are deliberately throwing gasoline on the fire. These demonstrations all over the country are not just spontaneous eruptions either. They are planned and well organized. They are shutting off major tunnels and highway arteries to cause the most damage at the best times for them to result in damage. This is no accident. This is preplanned. Bear in mind also in Ferguson, how the National Guard was all in place and ready for when the Grand Jury decision was read. Then when the city was burning, they were nowhere to be found and neither was the Governor. So far no one has been able to get any answer on that. The smart money is betting Erick Holder got the governor to back off. In other words Ferguson was allowed to burn deliberately..

I donít know what is going on, but I do know the history of the Obama administration. A lot of trouble has been gone to for all of this public demonstration and renewed racial animosity. A great deal of planning and effort has gone in to all of this. I know just because of the way the administration operates that there is something very big underfoot. Obama does not want you to know about it and he is making sure your attention is focused on this racial stuff and at the same time, breeding COP HATRED amongst the population. We as a people and the police officers of the nation have to be ready and be vigilant. I am convinced there is more to this than meets the eye.

One last observation before I leave my keyboard and that is that someone high up, and unfortunately I donít remember who, said on TV today how the demonstrations now are being peaceful with no violence. Oh really? If so, how does he explain rocks and bottles being thrown at police officers in a number of places in the country, and how does he explain the black youth today who in Denver, Colorado, in a demonstration drove his car deliberately up on the sidewalk and struck four police officers on bicycles, and as he backed away after hitting them the crowd began laughing and calling for him to, ďHit them again!Ē
And the man says they are non-violent. Of course it was a black youth and as far as I know the police officers were white so I guess that makes it all right.

I think all these calls for police training is uncalled for. I think the people need to be trained to obey when a police officer tells them to do something. In both the Brown case and the Garner case, had they obeyed the orders of the police, they surely could have avoided their deaths. It is obvious that is where the training is needed.

Finally, the demoralizing effect all this has on police officers has to be astronomical. How can we ever expect police officers to do their jobs when they are treated like this? They are not robots. They are human beings like you and me. I know they wonít, but if every cop in the country turned in his or her badge tonight and refused to report for work tomorrow, they could not be blamed.

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