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Our Horses Still Suffer

Story ID:10192
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
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A couple months ago I was shocked when I saw an ad for Premarin Vaginal Cream
in the Ladies Home Journal magazine. Pfizer just wonít give up and they continue to
keep poor pregnant mares tethered in stalls for the length of their pregnancy. Imagine
too that they are given little water during this time so that the urine will be concentrated.
They also have an attached cup under their vulvas to catch the urine. This whole
situation must be cruelty personified for them.

A few years back I read with incredulity that doctors were prescribing Premarin for
menopausal symptoms and that millions of women were dutifully taking these horse
urine capsules. They proved very lucrative for Pfizer and very painful and stressful
for the poor mares.

Thankfully, there were some doctors like Dr. Christine Northrup who said women should
NOT be taking horse urine. Time would prove her right, and finally studies proved that
Premarin was not a healthy drug to take to address menopausal symptoms. So many of
us who worried about the Premarin mares breathe a sigh of relief -believing that these
cruel Premarin farms would be a thing of the past and no mare would again have to suffer
this way any more.

So you can imagine how sick I felt when a few months ago I saw an ad in the Ladies
Home Journal advertising Premarin Vaginal Cream. It didnít take me long to contact
LHJ and ask them to cancel my subscription because of this offensive ad. I asked
them if they did not care about the mares who suffer for this product? Obviously, they
didnít because they did not repond.

Well, two more magazines I subscribed to had a Premarin ad. Womanís Day and
Good Housekeeping are also no longer welcome in my home. Even the evening
news programs are featuring an ad for Premarin. I hope that women will think twice
before buying any product which causes so much mare suffering.


I was saddened by the loss of Senator Mary Landrieuís seat in Louisiana in a recent
run off between her and Rep. Cassidy. She has been a huge proponent of the SAFE Act
which would stop the sending of our horses to horrible slaughter in Mexico and Canada.
I hope that before she leaves office -House Speaker Boehner will finally introduce this
much needed act for the horses so that it can be debated and hopefully passed. It
would bring her and so many of us who care about horse suffering, a great deal
of relief for them. The one good thing re this is that I read that the European Union
has notified Mexico they donít want any more slaughtered horse meat. I hope this
is so because I have read that Mexicoís slaughtering practices are particularly cruel.


Years ago I had sadly read that horse fighting was a regular occurrence in this supposed
Catholic country. If so, I sadly wondered where were the bishops and priests to allow
this to happen. Or having tried, did they find out that the people obstinately refused to
heed their counsel? At any rate, today Brian Davies of the Network for Animals e-mailed
us that this cruel practice still exists today.

He wrote that despite the Philippine Government having passed legislation which banned
the brutal blood sport of horse fighting in 1998, it still continues in some provinces because
the punishments are so low, and the organisers are so powerful that corrupt officials turn a
blind eye. Also- high stakes gambling continues to draw crowds.

He also mentioned that they thought they had wiped out horse fighting in the province
of Bukidnon in 2012. Their undercover team discovered otherwise. Now Brian and his
team realize that they must refocus their efforts there and then work on each province
until this horror stops.


No discussion of horse suffering can omit the cruelty of the helicopter round-ups of our
wild horses of the West by the Bureau of Land Management. These beautiful free-roaming
and majestic creatures are almost run to death by the helicopters, and invariably some
do die as a result. And then many of them will be sold at auction and snapped up by
the ďmeatĒ men who sell them for slaughter to Mexico and Canada.

Why is this happening? Probably because the government wants our public lands to be
used by the cattle barons. That is wrong because public lands belong to all of us and
should not be used for commercial interests. They might not also want to get involved
with a contraceptive program to keep the population of the horses in check. It all boils
down to selfish interests and not what is best for these beautiful wild horses of the West.

Mohatma Gandhi got it right Ė you can always judge a country by the way it treats
its animals. In my opinion, we have nothing to be proud of.