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Story ID:10198
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington DC USA
Person:Senator Feinstien
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By Fred Wickert

Last week Senator Diane Feinstien made a big production out of releasing a report on the CIA. A big thing was made over the issue of torture of terrorist prisoners after the attack on the World Trade Center and on the Pentagon. A third building was supposed to be attacked but that was thwarted when heroic passengers forced the plane to crash in a farm field in Pennsylvania. The intended target is believed to have been either the Capitol Building or the White House.

The report took six years to complete and cost the tax payer a reported $40 million. All the information in the report was gleaned from CIA records and documents. None of the CIA people the report smeared were ever interviewed and no Republican ever took part in the report. It was an extremely biased report by the Senate Democrats, and only a portion of them. The whole point of this report seemed to be to throw the CIA under the bus for some dubious political advantage.

It looks like the efforts of the Senators involved did not succeed as planned because I heard a news poll quoted tonight showing 75% of the public supports the CIA in this matter.

The reported purpose of the report was to expose torture allegedly used by the CIA to get information. The report implied that it didnít work and that no information was obtained of any value. The report claims that all information of value was obtained by other means. The report claims, or at least Sen. Feinstien says it does, that the techniques used were unconstitutional and illegal and the CIA interrogators were all felons and criminals and that it was against American values to use them and they should never be again.

There were no recommendations of any kind given as part of the report but the Senator claimed the purpose was to apologize to the world for our using torture because it is against our value to ever do such a thing.

Many people voiced objections to releasing the report. There were claims that it was going to cause other nations in the future not to cooperate with us. It was going to probably cost a lot of lives all over the world. To Senator Feinstien it was far more important to come clean and bare our soul to the world. Sen John McCain made an impassioned speech on the floor agreeing with the release of the report. He himself had been tortured as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, in what is commonly known as the Hanoi Hilton.

First, one of the interrogators using the methods in question received a phone call from the Chief of Police telling him to get out of his house immediately. Police had uncovered some intelligence that he and his family had been marked by Muslims for revenge. Others soon began to receive threats. People who had saved hundreds and maybe thousands of lives with their work, who had been called heroís and who were given awards for their work are suddenly branded as hideous monsters, criminals and felons for their work.

Now their thanks at the hands of a grateful nation is for these CIA agents and their families to be highlighted targets for ISLAM terrorists. How generous of Senator Feinstien and the Democrat members of Congress. Iím sure in the future this will be a great recruiting tool to get some good CIA agents to keep our nationsí intelligence the very best.

The truth is, these enhanced interrogation techniques, though not pleasant are NOT torture as claimed. They are legal and lawful. Senator Feinstien and other members of Congress were constantly briefed. None at the time ever raised any objection at all. On the contrary, some went so far as to accuse some of the interrogators of being too shy and lenient. Now for political purposes they want a pound of flesh.

I have some questions about these things myself. Waterboarding seems to be the one method the most outrage is about. If our Senators deem waterboarding as done by the CIA, and then on only three prisoners, to have been torture, why has it been permitted for our military to subject thousands of our troops to it, while training them how to resist interrogation if captured by the enemy? If it is so horrendous to do to a Muslim terrorist prisoner to get information to save American lives, why is it okay to do to our own troops?

This report speaks of sleep deprivation as torture. Really? When I was stationed in Korea during the Korean War, I was during an alert one time, on duty for 86 hours straight before I was allowed to sleep. When I was relieved I was promised six hours sleep. I was awakened after less than two and a half hours and placed back on duty for another 72 hours. I was not the only one. It happened to most of us Air Police. We had to defend that base. It was not any picnic, but we never thought we were being tortured either.

It will be many years before the full extent of the damage Senator Feinstien and her accomplices in the Senate will ever be known or realized. I cannot tell you the extent of damage to this country and to American lives because we wonít know for a long time. I can only tell you the damage is great.

A while back a man by the name of Snowden was being reviled by the country for all the classified information he released to American media outlets and to the governments of China and Russia. We wanted to prosecute him but Russia is giving him asylum. We should also prosecute Diane Feinstien for what she has done ranks along side of what Snowden has done. The difference is she is a big shot Democrat Senator and no one will touch her. Such is the hypocrisy of our Congress and of the Democrat party.

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