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Aarmagosa Motel

Story ID:10200
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Chelsea Kid
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Aarmagosa Motel

Motel Armagosa, Death Valley

Two dusty iron chairs
With a table in between
On a rotting wooden floor
Just outside the Canteen

A Boy and girl met each morning
Many years ago
Served Cocoa in the early morn
While basking in the suns glow

They went to school
In a small town a few miles away
While waiting for the school bus
They sipped their Cocoa there, each day.

The lady who ran the Canteen
Served them, as a rule
While they waited for transportation
To town, and the high school

The boy and girl lived close by
Neighbors side by side
Walked together to the canteen
For the short school bus ride

The boy was barely eighteen
He was a draftee
He was soon inducted into the Army
He was shipped overseas.

During his basic training
They wrote almost every day
He told he missed her
Said he was sorry that he couldn’t get away

They made plans
When he did return
They would meet at the Canteen
Enjoy their Cocoa in the morning sun

The letters quit coming to her
For days, then weeks
Soon another boyfriend
The young lady did meet

Later they wed and to their joy
They started a family
And soon was born to them
A girl and later a boy

The young soldier never returned
To set in the early morning sun
Sipping hot Cocoa
Even though the war was won

With this sad ending
I often wonder
What really happened
To this young Soldier
Monte L. Manka 12-17-2014