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Story ID:10202
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:New York City New York USA
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By Fred Wtckert

Barack Obama, while you flew off for a vacation in Hawaii today, a black man walked up to a parked police car in Brooklyn. Two police officers were sitting in the car eating their lunch. One of them was Chinese and he has been married for two months. The other was Hispanic and was married with three children. It is not yet known, but since the Chinese officer was married only two months ago, he could become a father in the next seven to nine months.

It is five days until Christmas Barack Obama, Erick Holder, Al Sharpton and Mayor DeBlazio. You will enjoy Christmas with your families but those two police officers will not. Some black guy walked up to the passenger side of that police car parked in Brooklyn, pulled out a gun and shot both officers in the head. They will never again celebrate Christmas. That young bride of two months no longer has a husband and the wife and three children of the other officer will find their husband and father missing from now on.

The guy who executed them put a bullet in his own head at a nearby subway station. He left a message on internet social media saying he was getting revenge for Brown and Garner.

You men, Obama, Erick Holder, Al Sharpton and Mayor DeBlazio have their blood on your hands. You have been promoting all this uprising against the cops on false pretenses. You have promoted the false hood that Brown put his hands up and said don’t shoot. You all know that is a lie, but you have all pushed that falsehood. You have passed Brown off as an innocent and decent kid and you know that too is a lie. He was a ruthless criminal who had he not been stopped was going to kill somebody.

You have passed Garner off as having been choked to death by the police for no good reason at all. You know that is a damned lie too. You pass it on anyway. Eric Garner killed himself and he died from a heart attack in an ambulance. Not laying on the street being choked by the police as you have represented.

You have the black people whipped up almost in to a frenzy all over the country. A few days ago I posted an essay on Ourecho in regards to the organized chant going on in Brooklyn. The leader asked the crowd, “What do we want?” The crowd chanted the reply, “Some dead cops.” It was repeated over and over again. Then another question was asked, “When do we want them?” The crowd replied. “Now.”

You got what you asked for. You have two dead cops who had absolutely nothing to do with Brown and Garner. Two completely innocent men who were eating their lunch are dead.
Now you have their blood on your hands.
Are you happy now? Or will it take a few more to make you satisfied?
In five days you men will be enjoying your Christmas. The families of those men will not. There is not a conscience among you so I’m sure you won’t and don’t care. Mayor DeBlasio commented today trying to sound sincere. The cops knew he wasn’t and they turned their backs on him enmasse.

Are you happy now?

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In my essay I stated the Chinese cop was married two months ago. I also stated the Hispanic Cop had three children. I wrote the essay within hours of the assassination of the officers and was quoting from what was reported on the TV News.
The news today is reporting the Chinese cop has been married for two years, not months. The Hispanic cop the father of two boys and not of three children. I apologize for any inconvenience that might have been caused by the wrong information.