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Story ID:10207
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Unknown Massachusetts USA
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By Fred Wickert

I have a 12 year old great Grand Daughter named Kylee of whom I am very proud. She is very mature for her age and has already begun a business to earn money for her needs. She is cleaning houses for people at $10 per hour. She finds time to do that and her homework and does well in school.

This story though is about another 12 year old Kylee. This one lives in a city somewhere in Massachusetts. This Kylee began a business too, but this one is non-profit.

This Kylee learned there actually were children in her school that were going to bed hungry. She couldnít believe it at first. She didnít believe this could happen in America. She checked in to it and discovered it was not only in America, but it was right there close to home. She discovered some kids she knew were getting breakfast and lunch at school but went to bed hungry because there was no money for food at home.

Kylee soon learned there were ten such children that she knew personally and was surprised to find nobody ever talked about it. She never heard about it at all in the news. Kylee always had plenty to eat and she felt badly for these children. She decided to do something about it. She began asking people for money. She even went door to door in her neighborhood asking for money to help buy food for these kids.

Soon she needed help so she began recruiting help from her friends and cousins and family. She now has been doing this for more than six months. She has seventeen other children helping her. They not only go door to door but they organize money raising events and they enlist the aid of adults and get them to put on fund raising events too. The proceeds go to buy food.

The food is purchased in bulk quantities when possible. She asks for discounts and she asks stores to donate food. Sales and coupons are taken advantage of. This twelve year old Kylee has continued this program to feed hungry kids, never letting up. This was no one time deal for her. She started with ten kids that were going hungry. She began helping them have enough to eat and other hungry children came looking for help, or someone told her of others that didnít ask. If they needed help she did not hesitate. She treated them all equally. Now she has two hundred and four hungry children she is feeding every day. She says it takes extra on Saturdays and Sundays because there are no school breakfast and lunch on those days. That means if Kylee doesnít help, they donít eat on those days.

It takes an awful lot of food to feed two hundred and four children every day. Kylee is undaunted. She says it is costing $900 dollars a week to feed those children, but she is determined that for as long as they need it, somehow she will provide it.

At the close of school each day Kylee and her seventeen helpers start filling bags. They know where each bag goes. They know how many children are in each place. They place the appropriate assortment and amount of food in each bag. When all of that is done, Kylee and her seventeen helpers file out the door carrying several bags each. Then they spread out and go to the houses where the food is going and deliver it. Kylee enlisted the aid of the school principal. He aproved the project and allowed them to solicit in the school. She also enlisted the aid of her grandmother to oversee the distribution of the food, and to lift the heavy bags of bulk food to their storage space on the shelves in the room she got permission to use for the project.

This is a true story of a gutsy twelve year old girl who saw a problem. She decided something needed to be done about it and then proceeded to do something about it. Thanks to Kylee, two hundred and four children who would have gone hungry on Christmas and every other day will go to bed each night with a full stomach.

That I think is a good Christmas story, and that is my kind of a hero! So many times we hear or read about some professional athlete making millions of dollars being a hero because he scored so many points against a rival team or because they won a game. That is not my kind of hero.

Kylee is my kind of hero. Merry Christmas to all.

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