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One Good Man

Story ID:10209
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Newark New Jersey usa
Person:Senator Cory Booker
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If we had at least one good man representing each state of the Union in Congress,
I think we well might then become a compassionate nation. For me –compassion
is the most prized and needed virtue for any country because it reflects concern
for not only its people but for God’s animal creation as well. And isn’t this
something to aspire to for those of us who believe in the God of creation?

India had such a man in Gandhi, and we had a man of compassion in Lincoln. Gandhi
recognized and stated that one could well judge a country by the way it treats its
animals. Lincoln said that he was for animal rights because that is the nature of
man. I always asked the school children on President’s Day – who was their
favorite president and why. Certainly, Washington was a great man and we owe
him a debt of gratitude, but for me- not only did Lincoln preserve our nation by the
handling of the Civil War and abolishing slavery, but he was a man of compassion
who embraced all life.

New Jersey is blest in they have a Senator of compassion in Cory Booker. I always
liked New Jersey because my Slovak father’s sister Mary settled there with her
husband to raise a family. I always considered her saintly, and seeing her or
hearing from her by letters written in Slovak, I always thanked God that she was
my Aunt.

Now, I am thanking God for Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey. I had heard some
very nice things about him when he was Mayor of Newark. Catherine Gill of Care 2
recalled some of his kind acts: “he’s gone on hunger strikes to create awareness
on issues like drugs; he risked his life to save a woman from a burning building;
he opened his very own home to people who lost heat or power during Hurricane
Sandy; he has reduced his own salary on several occasions; he’s given out his cell
phone number to help in-need citizens, and he is now a vegan.”

It pleased me to find out In Gill’s post that Booker had become vegan in November
after 22 years as a vegetarian. In this regard as a vegan, she also calls him a superstar
activist – extremely vocal about animal rights. He even shares news on social media
re purchasing a vegan wallet, belts, and shoes. He patronizes vegan restaurants-
inviting colleagues there for some of their business meetings. He probably takes his
lady friends there too, and though I didn’t spend too much time on the internet re his
love life, I got the impression he does well in this department as well.

Re his work in Congress -he is a working member on the Homeland Security and
Government Affairs Committee. He also is keeping his spot on the Commerce
Environment and Small Business committees. His concerns there are on job creation,
economic oppounities for citizens, hurricane recovery for those effected, and addressing
the hardships weighing down the middle class families. Finally- a legislator who cares
about the MIDDLE CLASS.

There is so much more to learn about Booker from the internet, and if anyone is looking
to discredit him – they might also find some of this as well. But then -who of us is perfect?
If he has any “warts,” I would still love to see “clones” of him among all the members
of Congress. He more than makes up for those who lack compassion with his caring
stances for BOTH people and animals.

It’s been a few years now since our Byzantine bishop closed my beloved parish – St.
Gregory’s, but I still fondly remember some of our practices. After a liturgy of thanksgiving,
the cantor would intone this sung prayer: God grant (her, him, us) many years, many happy
blessed years. And I wish that for Senator Cory Booker. May he enjoy many happy and
blessed years- trying to do good for all of us- whether we be human or animal.