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Maximum Delivery Returned

Story ID:10218
Written by:Charles Micheaux (bio, contact, other stories)
Organization:Micheaux Publishing
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Atlanta GA. USA
Person:Dr. Jimmy Affleck
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"Everywhere across whatever sorrows of which our life is woven, some radiant joy will gaily flash past." --Nikolai Gogol

On a balmy solstice morning of social and national
discontent I stood at the corner of a traffic light and there beside me was a todler secure and comfortable in his car seat. The boy looked to be no older than three years old.

I had my big red bike with me that morning and the toddler looked me up and down and then I smiled at him and he smiled back at me, his mother turned and saw me and her son smiling at each other and then the mother smiled at me too.

The young boy waved sweetly as the car moved forward on the green light. I tried to hold onto
the fleeting moment of bliss.

I think about this experience and even now, my soul feels cleansed; Dostoevsky got it right when he said:

"The soul is healed by being with children."
--Fyodor Dostoevsky

I still remember the toddler's little hand waving a kindness that went straight to my heart.
I wonder what will he become when he grows into

I am reminded of the true story of a heart surgeon who saved the life of the very doctor who delivered him into the world.

It was the summner of July, 1969 at
Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento, CA.
when a young obstertrician named Dr. Jimmy Affleck delivered a baby into the world named
Robert Kincade.

Forty-five years later that same baby boy--
now, Dr. Robert Kincade, a heart surgeon performed life saving heart surgery on the man who brought him into the world so many years ago.

I think about the little boy at the traffic light who waved to me from his child seat; what will he become?

I hope a heart doctor too, because that boy healed my heart on a winter's morning of discontent.