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Story ID:10219
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Anywhere Any state USA
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By Fred Wickert

A short time ago I posted an essay on Ourecho titled, NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE, Ourecho story ID#10176. In that essay I pointed out that all these demonstrations, allegedly sparked by Ferguson and spreading all over the United States were too well organized to be spontaneous as they were being portrayed by the media.

The demonstrations were well organized in that they had strategic targets that were calculated to cause the most inconvenience and the most damage. They were also all carrying signs that were not spur of the moment homemade signs. They were professionally printed signs. That means somebody was paying for them and had them ready to go in advance. No spontaneous demonstration could do that.

All of these demonstrations had one theme. The theme was that the police are racist and the police are murderers. Police officers were also being targeted. Stones and Molotov Cocktails were being hurled at them. Shots were being fired at them. Some were physically assaulted. One group of police on bicycles on the sidewalk had a young man in a car deliberately drive up on the sidewalk and plow in to them. Police were beaten on a bridge in Brooklyn, etc,

Today an e-mail was forwarded to me that was a real eye opener. It showed a large picture that was a close up of demonstrators and the signs they were carrying. At the bottom of their pre-printed signs there was an URL. The URL was revcom.us.

The e-mail I received provided the following: http://www.revcom.us/ I clicked on it. The home page said at the top:
Welcome to the Revolution. The voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. The rest of the page is full of signs and posters similar to the ones seen in Ferguson and Brooklyn. Most startling of all was a small frame on the upper right side of the page with the notation, “Must See.” It is a very long video of a conference held in a large church somewhere. Several people spoke. The main theme was the thousands of prisoners in this country allegedly imprisoned for no legitimate reason, and the “Murderous police” of this country and the many hundreds of murdered innocent citizens at their hands.

Does that sound a little familiar? There are two main speakers for this meeting or rally if you wish to call it that. They are one Cornell West and one Bob Avakian, who it says is the founder of the organization. I have not Googled either name. Just watching the video is enough to give you the creeps. This group is organizing the demonstrations that Sharpton has vowed will continue.

Sharpton it has been reported has met in the White House more than 80 times in the past four months. He has been very thick with Obama and Holder and has been called by the White House spokesman as a racial adviser to the administration.

Unrelated, but I thought it worthy of mention, Sharpton and his organization have been reputed to be more than a Million dollars behind in their taxes. Sharpton insists it is not true and that they are current with their taxes. At the same time it is in the news today that a Republican Congressman from the same district Erick Garner was selling cigarettes in when he suddenly couldn’t breathe, had to resign his office in Congress because he plead guilty to tax evasion. I guess if you are a white Republican Congressman the law must be different than if you are the White House advisor for race relations, black, and a friend to Obama and Holder. I know that has nothing at all to do with attacks on police and national demonstrations against police, but since Sharpton is also the chief race hustler and agitator in the country I thought it was worth mentioning.

One other thing I think is worth mentioning, is that a few months ago President Obama was in Europe. I think the occasion was for a meeting of the countries in NATO. In one of his speeches while he was there he said something I thought rather strange. He spoke in support of a one world government. At the time I wondered what in the world is he talking about? He has signed an agreement for the United States to adhere to a treaty with the United Nations that Hillary Clinton also supported, to give the United Nations sovereignty over gun ownership, registration and confiscation in all countries including the United States. Of course it is in direct violation of our Constitution and it has to be ratified by the Senate, which I don’t think will happen. Violating the Constitution has never seemed to trouble him. The current Senate and the incoming Senate I am sure will not ratify it, but what of future Senate’s? How long does his signature on that document legally hold? It is something to think about is it not?

Be sure to check out that video at www.revcom.us.

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