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Stuart Scott Passage Deeply Felt

Story ID:10235
Written by:Charles Micheaux (bio, contact, other stories)
Organization:Micheaux Publishing
Story type:In Memory
Location:Hartford Con USA
Person:Stuart Scott
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The enormously popular and highly respected ESPN
sportscaster Stuart Scott died on Sunday from cancer. The 49 year old sportscater was famous for his signature expression "Booyah!"

Stuart Scott was the most prominent sportcasters
at ESPN. Across the nation there is a feeling of great loss which runs even into the Whitehouse.

President Obama spoke fondly of Stuart Scott upon hearing of his passing on Sunday.

President Obama:

"Twenty years ago during campaigns that kept me from my family--but wherever I went, I could flip
on TV, and Stuart Scott and his colleagues on
'Sport Center' were there.
He entertained us, and in the end, he inspired us--with courage and love."

Stuart Scott discovered he had cancer in 2007 while in pittsburg covering
"Monday Night Football"doctors told Stuart it was
appendiceal cancer.

In July 2014, Stuart received an award for his perseverance and courage at the ESPYS, ESPN's TV
awards program. Stuart spoke heroically at the awards program:

"When you die, that does not mean you lose to cancer, you beat cancer by how you live, why you live.
So live.
Fight like hell, and when youget too tired to fight,lay down and rest and let someone else
fight for you."

Stuart Scott was born on July 19th 1965.

When the sports world places him in the history books it will speak of himand say:

His life was a joy to many and the elements in him brought us excitement and wonderful moments that shall live in us as long as we live and care
to remember him.