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Thank You Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

Story ID:10245
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various Illinois USA
Person:Governor Pat Quinn
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As Wayne Pacelle wrote in is blog today– Illinois is losing a compassionate leader
in GOVERNOR PAT QUINN who is relinquishing his office after 6 years to newly
elected Governor Bruce Rauner. I am sure that the compassionate people of Illinois
will hope that Rauner will carry on the caring traditions of Governor Pat Quinn who,
per the Humane Society of the United States, is one of the nation’s most pro-animal

I didn’t know this until today, and now hope that someone like HSUS’ Mike Markarian
who puts out the Humane Scoreboard for every Congressional year showing how our
legislators vote on animal issues, will someday soon also profile all 50 state governors
so that we can -as in the case of Quinn, be ever grateful to him and those of his ilk for
their compassionate concern for animals while in office. I have no doubt that he also
showed concern and compassion for people as well because I have found in all my
years of animal concern that people who care for animals – without a doubt- also care
about humans. I haven’t found the reverse to be true.

This good man on the eve of his departure vetoed a bill that would have for the first time
in 40 years in Illinois opened up a trophy hunting and commercial trapping season for

And to the credit of Illinois’s two leading papers – the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago
Sun-Times -they had both urged Quinn to veto it. It gives me and anyone who feels
compassion for animals a good feeling -because evidentally, there are good people in
Chicago who will speak up for the humane treatment of animals.

Sadly, when I had previously thought of Chicago, I was reminded of the attempt of a
compassionate legislator who had promoted a bill to ban foie gras in Chicago’s restaurants.
I believe it was passed but vetoed by then Mayor Daley. Of course, I lost respect for this
Mayor, and I sadly and wrongly connected Chicago generally with this uncaring man. And
now I am pleased to read today that Illinois has been blessed with a governor of compassion.
I pray that his successor will follow in his compassionate footsteps.

The Chicago Tribune so wisely and accurately noted re the bobcat hunting issue that no
one eats bobcat steaks, and of course, they are only killed to be mounted as a trophy on some
hunter’s wall or for the skinning of its prized fur.

Governor Quinn agreed with these sentiments and said “We all have a responsibility to protect
and maintain Illinois’ wildlife. “ Here are other compassionate actions by Quinn:
1. Signing a bill into law last year to ban the possession, sale, or distribution of SHARK FINS
within the state of Illinois.
2. A big advocate for companion animals, he supported and signed the PUPPY LEMON LAW
which protects pets and consumers who purchase dogs or cats from pet stores – holding these
stores and their sources accountable for any sick animal sold when purchased.
3. He signed the ANTIFREEZE SAFETY LAW, which mandated adding a bittering agent to
antifreeze to prevent the accidental poisoning of children and animals.
4. He strengthened the Humane Care for Animals Act by providing restrictions on the practice
5. He mandated TRAINING FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS on handling animals using
nonlethal methods.

What a gem the people of Illinois had for a Governor for 6 years. In my opinion the new Governor
Bruce Rauner will have big shoes to fill. I hope that he can and will.


As Governor Pat Quinn is a man of compassion, the same cannot be said of Governor
Dave Heineman who is also departing as the governor of Nebraska. HSUS describes him as
one of the most ardent ANTI-ANIMAL WELFARE governors. He vetoed a bill introduced by Senator
Ernie Chambers to stop the trophy hunting of mountain lions. He signed on to the lawsuit to
invalidate California’s law restricting the sale of eggs from barren battery cages. And according
to Pacelle –“He’s also been a horrid demagogue in defending factory farming, saying that he was
going to ‘kick HSUS’ ass’ out of the state. He also unapologetically defends battery cages and
gestation crates. Unbelievable that anyone like him was ever made governor of a state.

God bless outgoing Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. May he find success and happiness wherever
he goes. The people of Illinois were indeed blessed to have him at the helm for 6 compassionate