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Story ID:10246
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Paris France
Person:Muslim Terrorists
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By Fred Wickert

We used to be the leaders of the free world. We used to inspire the rest of the world who admired our strength, no matter whether they liked us or hated us. Either way, they respected our strong will and determination. They knew we were champions of right versus wrong and could always be depended upon.

We have lost that, I am sad to say. Now around the world we are looked upon as some kind of buffoons. We cannot be counted upon and where we used to stand strong and tall, we now cringe and hide behind political correctness.

It used to be the police in this country were supported and backed up by government. Government sent them out to enforce the law and to keep society peaceful. Now they are attacked by the President and the Attorney General and the Mayor of New York City, the nationís largest city and largest police force. To them the law no longer matters, but only political correctness matters. Now it is okay to disregard the police and it is even open season on police. They are fair game to be killed or maimed.

It used to be that when tragedy struck a friendly nation, we were right there. We were always first in line with help and support. Not anymore. France just had a horrible tragedy occur in Paris. We should have been there immediately. The President made a little photo opp speech on TV and made a phone call to the Prime Minister to tell him, first how sorry we are and second that he will send whatever help they need. Perhaps we can send a delegation of FBI agents to help them investigate or whatever. Just let us know.

More than forty world leaders, including the Prime Minister of Israel and the President of the Palestinian authority immediately flew to Paris to show their solidarity as they marched arm in arm down the streets of Paris together with the Prime Minister of France. The American President was not there. The American Vice President was not there. The American Secretary of State was not there. Eric Holder, Attorney General for the United States was there, but he could not be a part of the walk down the avenue in solidarity. He had to go home right away.

Our President did not have the guts to be in solidarity in public for the world to see, against Islamic Terrorism. Our President cannot even acknowledge that there is such a thing as Islamic Terrorism. That just might offend some Muslims and we canít have that.

It is not all President Obamaís fault. The American people are dozing along the way. They need to wake up and see what is going on. We are rapidly losing our country. We have a complicit media that goes along all the way with the White House and even covers up for the constantly. The complicit media is greatly to blame as well. We are also to blame because we allow the media to get away with it.

For example, just exactly what did happen in Paris? There was a satirical news paper there that specialized in publishing funny and satirical cartoons about whatever happened to be going on. They hit on politicians, British Royalty, wealthy people around the world, major sports figures, movie stars and different religious faiths. They took pot shots at the Pope and the Catholics often. They also published cartoons of the Islamic Profit, Mohamed. That is when the terrorists went nuts.

To the Islamic Terrorist, making fun of Mohamed is a big No No. Even Barak Obama made a speech at the UN saying you must not do that. Oh nooooo. That is a big bad. It is okay to insult Jesus or Buddha, but not Mohamed. The Paris News Paper was threatened a number of times over it, but they did it anyway. For this they were attacked.

In the United States our news media boasts about how tough they are and how nobody intimidates them. Nobody tells them what to do. The New York Times especially prides itself on how tough they are. What is the truth of it all?

When shown a cartoon of the prophet Mohamed in some sort of unflattering pose, the New York Times refused to publish it. They said it was not due to threats of Islamic Jihadists or fear of what they might do. Absolutely not. They will never allow anyone to intimidate them like that. They just refused to publish it on grounds that it was offensive. The very next day the same New York Times published a cartoon showing the Virgin Mary covered with elephant poop! That to, them was not offensive.

So we have two major things going on in this country. We have anything that is not flattering to Muslims must be avoided at all costs. No matter how unflattering it is to all others, it is okay. Just donít ever offend the Muslims.

The other thing is do not offend black people. No matter what a Black Person does, it must not be reported unless it is something really good like a black person being a hero in some way. Anything derogatory about a Black Person must not be reported. That after all, would be racist.

We need to wake up from the top down. First we must recognize the problem with Black People is not the Police. Those who will suffer the most in the long run from police neglect will be the Black People themselves. They after all, are the highest on the victim list. They are the ones who need the police the most of all.

Second, we must realize that all of this Terrorism is being committed by Muslims. It is Muslim Terrorism Mr. President. Get used to the idea. Admit to yourself what it is. You cannot effectively fight anything unless you first identify it for what it is. For the last 40 years at least, every major act of terrorism has been committed by Muslims with exception of Timothy McVey and the Oklahoma bombing. All of the others have been by Muslims.

Yes, of course there are decent Muslim people out there. Yes of course, they are not all terrorists. The German People were not all Naziís in WWII either. We need to stop releasing GITMO prisoners. What is left there is the worst of the worst and when released they go back to the fight! We need to stop killing the leaders with drones. We need to capture some of them for interrogation, and yes, if we need it, with the use of waterboarding. We need to start worrying about protecting Americans Mr. President, and stop worrying so much about political correctness.


Okay, we have so many nice Muslims out there. Where are they? I donít see them and I donít hear them. They say the Koran does not allow such killing and theirs is a peaceful religion. So why are they not speaking out in large force against what happened in Paris? Where Is the large Islamic demonstration against it? I donít see it and I donít hear it. Do you? If they are with us, they had better start standing up and being counted. The good people in Germany didnít when the Naziís did their thing. If they donít stand up and be counted they will go down with the others and it will be their fault. They had better get some fire in their belly and take sides now or it will soon be to late.

Are we supposed to lose our country because you went to Islamic schools as a child? Because you family were Arabic Muslims and because hearing the Imam call to prayer morning and evening is music to your ears as you have reported? Is that why you canít call it Muslim Terrorism like it is? Why is it Mr. President?

As for the New York Times and the rest of the media, you failed miserably. You are not strong and brave as you claim. The day after the show of solidarity of the world leaders in Paris, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times. The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and every other newspaper in the country, as well as every TV station in the country should have been showing all of the cartoons the Satirical News Paper in Paris ever published showing Mohamed or anything else Muslim that the Muslims didnít like. They should have done it in total solidarity. They should have been defiant and they should have been in the face of the Terrorists.

Sadly, they were not. Not one single media outlet did. Not one of them. This country once had a media to be proud of but no more. There is no back bone among them. The media is what is supposed to report to the people, fair, honest and unbiased truth, about what is happening and what is going on in the world. It is not now and it has not been for a very long time. We used to boast of and be proud of our FREE PRESS. We can no longer do that. Now the press in America is basically the Pravda of the United States. Every morning the White H0ouse or George Soros tells the New York Times what to say and they say it. Then all others follow in line and parrot the New York Times. Such is the press for America. Freedom in America is no more, and we the people pulled our blankets over our heads and let it happen to us.

We seated a new Congress and about the same time the terrorists chose to attack the newspaper in Paris. Did it wake us up enough? At first it seems it did not. Perhaps if our memories are not to short and we keep asking questions, maybe it isnít too late after all. We shall see.

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