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Story ID:10255
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Unknown Unknown USA
Person:Disabled Veteran
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By Fred Wickert

This morning on the TV News, FOX, there was an interesting guest. They were promoting some kind of charity event for disabled persons to be held in the spring. I am unsure where, but I think Aspen, Colorado was mentioned.

The man being interviewed was planning to take part in that event and expected to participate in a ski race and also in a Snow Boarding race. What was especially interesting about that was the man being interviewed was an amputee. He was a veteran who had served in Afghanistan.

One morning his unit headed out with a Humvee. The right front wheel ran over the pressure plate of a double IED. The IED went off and blew the Humvee in the air. He was blown in the air higher than the Humvee and came down on top of the wreckage of the Humvee. He was given at least ten blood transfusions. His left leg was badly mangled and his right leg was blown off entirely. He had something like 46 different surgeries.

During the interview he was asked if something had been said to a doctor in the hospital regarding a finger. He said yes. He said the doctor said they had already taken off the thumb and index finger on his left hand. The bone and tendon from the ring finger had been destroyed. The doctor asked if if he could remove the ring finger as well. He said it was really not very useful and he thought it was better if they just took it off so it wouldn’t be in the way.

The man replied to the doctor and anyone else standing there at the time, “If I wake up and find any more parts of my body missing, you had better be on the left side of the bed because there is nothing wrong with my right arm and hand and I will get whoever is on the right side of this bed!”

The doctor accepted that as a “No.”

The next day a nurse asked him why he did not want to allow them to take off that ring finger. He replied that someday he hoped he would find some nice girl that was willing to love him and accept him the way he was, and that when he did, there as going to be a wedding ring placed on that finger, and then the finger was going to be serving a useful purpose.

The interview continued as they showed some video footage of him training for the ski race and snow board race in the spring for disabled persons. He explained the reason behind the event, and the reason he wanted so much to participate in it, was to show other people, not only veterans, but anyone who had lost limbs or suffered physical handicap, that their mind gave them the power to do far more than they ever thought they could and to not give up just because they were suddenly minus a limb or handicapped in some other way.

As the interview concluded, the man doing the interview said he wondered what ever happened to the nurse that asked him why he wouldn’t let them take his ring finger. The man replied, “Oh, she’s doing fine. She and I just celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary.”

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