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Story ID:10257
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Garland Texas USA
Person:Siraj Wahhaj
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By Fred Wickert

On Saturday, January 17, 2015 was held a large Muslim conference in Garland, Texas. The conference had a name. The name was, STAND WITH THE PROPHET.

The keynote speaker was advertised as a well known Imam from Brooklyn, NY. His name is Siraj Wahhaj. The reason this Imam is so well known is that he just happens to be an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. He is also remembered for a remark he once made. He said, “It is my duty and our duty as Muslims to replace the United States Constitution with the Quran.”

Yes, I kid you not. That is what he said. This Is the man who was the keynote speaker for the conference in Garland, Texas.

This conference was advertised in advance and tickets were sold to attend the event in advance. There was also a requirement to register in advance if you were from the media. There was a form provided to fill out. A well known reporter from New York, Jesse Watters from the Bill O’Reilley show on FOX news, filled out the form and sent it in and he purchased a ticket for admission.

When he flew from New York to Texas, he was approached at the air port as soon as he got off his plane. He was refunded the price of his admission ticket and told there were more tickets sold than there was space for and so some tickets had to be refunded. He was not going to be allowed in.

Watters went with camera to the grounds where the conference was to be held. There was a large area roped off. No one could cross the line to approach the building without permission. There was a large police presence. A Muslim woman spoke to a police officer who told Watters he could not enter within the line. He said he wanted to know, since it was a public building, if the media could be barred like that. The police officer informed him they could be because the group had rented the building for the night.

He asked the woman why media was being barred? He asked if they were hiding something? She strongly denied they were hiding anything. She said that if he had just taken the trouble to fill out their form and register in advance he could get in. He informed her that he had filled out the forms and registered. He told her to check the forms and he told her his name was spelled with two “T”’s. She replied that she could not help him.

Later it was learned that all press was barred. In the beginning, members of local media were allowed in for the opening ceremonies which lasted about twenty minutes. Then they were required to leave. No media were allowed to remain in the building. Media were also not allowed to interview participants in the event.


In addition to the media being banned, a large number of other people who had purchased ticket’s, were having their purchase price refunded and they were told there just were not enough seats to go around. The strange thing was that all those who had English sounding names had their tickets refunded and were refused entrance. All those with Muslim sounding names were allowed to enter. I thought things like that were considered discrimination and racist. I guess there must be a different standard for Muslims. It only matters when white people do it.

This Imam that was key note speaker, received a formal invitation from President Obama to give a “Juma,” or invocation at the Democratic National Convention in 2012. The invitation had to be withdrawn because of wide public objection.

Our media, the President and a number of the White House staff and Homeland Security staff, as a well as a number of prominent Muslim representatives go on television all the time, telling us how nice and how peaceful the Muslims are, and how we are to be more understanding.

Maybe, just maybe they should know when Muslims do something like that conference in Garland, Texas, wrapped in secrecy, but the name of it not secret but making a statement of standing with the prophet, and having as key note speaker someone with such questionable character, and going to the extreme to keep the press out, that it does not instill very much confidence in the people.

Maybe the President should know better too.

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