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Story ID:10260
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Springfield Massachusetts USA
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By Fred Wickert

The trip had been about three weeks in the planning. Some Deputy Sherriff’s, a State Conservation officer, and myself, Chief of Police in the Village of Middleburgh, New York, were all planning to go together to the Smith & Wesson Gun factory in Springfield, Massachusetts. There were some problems in need of repairs on the gun I was issued, and each of the other officers had a gun they wanted something done to. Letters had been written to the State of Massachusetts asking permission for us to carry the firearms in their state for the purpose. Letters of consent were in hand.

One of the deputies, Joey, had a Thunderbird and he offered to drive. Finally the day came and we all got in the car. There was one deputy in front with Joey and one deputy, the State Conservation Officer and myself all in the back seat.

We crossed the State Line into Massachusetts on the Turnpike. After about 45 minutes of driving we passed a State Trooper with a car pulled over. We thought no more about it as we continued our trip, talking about first one thing and then another. Suddenly the Deputy in the passenger seat in the front said, “Joey, you got a bubble gum machine coming up behind you.”

Joey said, “I know, I see it.”

“Is he after us?”

“I think so. I wasn’t paying attention and I was going a lot faster than I realized.”

Sure enough, he was after us and he pulled us over to the side. As the trooper approached the car we all got out our police badges. When the Trooper arrived at the driver’s door Joey rolled down the window. In unison we said, “We are armed sir!”

“Pardon me?, the Trooper asked, and we again repeated it. He looked in the back seat. Then he said “Where are you all from?” Joey told him we were from Schoharie County, New York. The Trooper said are you all Deputy Sherriff’s? Then he told us in Massachusetts a Deputy Sherriff didn’t mean anything. He said in his state they were all kind of like dog catchers.

Someone let out a loud groan. The Trooper laughed and said he realized in other states they were much more than that. Then he told us he had just had a car pulled over a while back and we drove by him. We told him we did see him with the car pulled over. He told us the guy driving that car was a Catholic Priest. Then he said, “Boy, I’m having a bad day! All I can catch today is priests and cops.” At that we all laughed.

He asked us why were all armed and where were we going. We explained we were going to the Smith & Wesson factory. We told him we wanted to get some work done on the guns. He told us that it was a nice place and he thought we will find it interesting. Then he told us to try to stay within the speed limit and to have a good day and let us go.

We did arrive at the factory and went inside and explained what we wanted and who we were. They were very gracious to us. First they took us to a window and had us leave the guns with instructions as to what we wanted repaired on them. Then they gave us a guided tour of the factory. By the time the tour was finished, our guns were all ready with repairs completed. They declined to charge us anything for the service.

I truthfully don’t know what the others did. I know that having a badge and being a cop did not prevent anyone from getting a ticket from me. Neither did being a member of the clergy. I always looked at it as they knew better than everybody else so why should they be excused? I have never tried to beg out of a ticket either. I have had a few.

We made the trip back without any further difficulties. It had been a good day.

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