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Story ID:10276
Written by:Charles Micheaux (bio, contact, other stories)
Organization:Micheaux Publishing
Story type:Biography
Location:Selma Alabama USA
Person:Viola Liuzzo
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Every black child smiles brighter and stands taller under a glorious and endless blue sky thanks to the love and caring of Viola Liuzzo.

Viola Liuzzo was a civil rights activist, housewife and mother of five children with a history of fighting for human rights.

A large part of viola's role in civil rights was due to the fact she had a very close realationship with an African -American woman named Sarah Evans.
The tow women met in a grocery store where Viola worked as a cashier, the two women shared similiar
views and support for the civil rights movement.

Viola Liuzzo was so firm in her belief in the cause of human rights, that she helped organize Detroit, Michigan protest; Viola Liuzzo held the belief, that one person could make a difference and she saw herself as that one person.

Mrs. Viola Liuzzo watched in horror the pictures boradcast on TV of 'Bloody Sunday' and she decided then and there she would go to Selma, Alabama and offer herself for the cause of freedom for all peeople.

Viola Liuzzo was shot and killed by KKK members and the day after her murder three KKK members were arrested by the FBI.
Turns out one of the four KKK members was an informant for the FBI and so the three KKK members were arrested and sent to trial.

Despite overwhelming evidence against the killers
(KKK) all three Klan members were found not guilty.

In the aftermath of her death, her dear friend,
an African-American woman named Sarah Evans would go on to become the peramanent caretaker of
Viola Liuzzo's five children.

Viola Liuzzo was a member of the NAACP; she died on March 5th 1965 she was only 39 years old.